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  1. Laptop is from 2012/2013. Old 15" Dell Inspiron m5030. I did end up getting Win10 installed and running properly. It has the 4000series (4250) graphics so I downloaded the Win8 drivers and injected those and that didn't work, but using the legacy *beta* drivers did the trick. I couldn't get into safe or recovery mode because Windows never fully installed. I had been letting it sit for about 30min but in reality, it took close to an hour, maybe more, for windows to fully install. Doesn't run bad, might look into upgrading to SSD, jumping up to 8gb ram (was 3gb sto
  2. Are these downloads still available? Spent months trying to get updates applied to my Win7 Home Premium OA so I could update to Win10 but had no luck. Laptop updated once in dec 2013 via WU and has been unable to get updates since. We have other computers that are more capable and that we use far more often, but now with kids out of school, I am just trying to see if I can get this thing running. I tried installing Win10, but there seems to be an issue with video driver. I tried injecting the amd legacy video drivers into the iso but it doesn't seem to have worked or I
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