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  1. hey, is there a link to download the alphas of w7t?
  2. thanx guys for the reply, i want to install via nsis installer the cursors, by opying them to c:windows\cursors and the add a reg file to make them default, the same i want to do with the theme file.
  3. Hey guys, i need some help. I want to automatically install and change the default theme in windows 7 as well as the default cursors too, is there a way to do this via a reg file?
  4. thanx guys for checking it out!the size difference is cause of Wallpapers in multiple resolutions
  5. Refresh: Fix: Corrected problem when patching 7zip 9.05 beta, now it will patch all verisions of 7zip. New: Added KDE 4 Login sceen New: Added KDE 4 Startup sound New: Added devmng.dll resources New: Added blue task manager New: Added msi.dll resources Misc: Minor additions or changes
  6. hmm.. maybe the resources changed, i will check it out, thanx
  7. Now Announcing: Accepting requests! If you like to change a specific resource that hasn't changed yet, or a third party application then make your request here! A request must have screenshot of the old resource that want's to bechanged so i can find the specific file. If you know in what file it isit would be very helpfull if you provided the resource filename as well. Go on, lets make some requests!
  8. Good evening lads, i now announce KDE se7en Patcher, my infamous KDE Vista Patcher heavily customized and updated now made for Windows 7. As my previous version is based upon the Vize 1 source code customized and updated in many cases. The Patcher is compatible with all versions of Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, some bugs found in the Vize code are corrected and no problems have found so far. The current version is: KDE se7en Patcher 1.08 [build 4.3] Final where 1=the major version of the application, 08=the month of release, the current is august(08) and [Build]=the KDE 4 build from where i gathered my resources, current is KDE 4.3 Changelog: Initial Version Added over a hundred of new resources Patches now over 390 icon and bitmap resources Updated application code to be compatible with Windows 7 Updated resources, removed obsolete resources Added 190 official KDE Wallpapers in various resolutions Updated application UI Updated installer, added option for Normal and Widescreen Wallpapers note: Windows 32bit only, 64bit support on its way. Download Link 1 Skydrive: KDE se7en Patcher 1.08 [build 4.3] Final Full Download Link 2 Deviantart: KDE se7en Patcher 1.08 [build 4.3] Final Full Download Link 3 Deviantart: KDE se7en Patcher 1.08 [build 4.3] Final Lite For more information and screenshot visit KDE se7en's Patcher official Blog: here
  9. Well, it's been a long time, real life was keeping me busy, you see i'm a guitarist so music is my other big passion. BUT, i just finished my update on KDE Vista Patcher, updated a hell bunch of resources, added a hundred more, reworked on the UI, it was overblue, right kel? also created KDE se7en Patcher witch is for... Irix as you all guessed Some final work on the installers and details and i will upload it
  10. hey lego!it's been a long time, you have made a great progress with w7t! i tried today to mount an x86 iso and to integrate the official updates from microsoft but an error poped up "coudn't find the file requested" or something like that, any ideas?
  11. after some short tests i found out that KDE Vista Patcher is partially compatible with Windows 7, and i say partially cause the only file that didn't patched was authui.dll, will do some tests and provide a new version fully compatible with Windows 7. Check the KDE Vista Patcher official suport page at http://doomangel.wordpress.com
  12. Visit my blog here to read some first thoughts about Windows 7, Vista SP2 and track the development process of KDE Vista Patcher. http://doomangel.wordpress.com/
  13. yeap, true indeed, tested it on a clean source!worked perfectly, now i'm gonna use some kel's addons, yours, ryanvm and onepieces update packs to check it this way also
  14. ela re file!wraio skhniko ekanes! well done mate!i will check it soon
  15. cool idea, i will make little photoshop/fireworks to see if i can do something like that, as for the site, does your host support css styles?and why did you uploaded joomla and didn't uploaded your custom site?joomla is a cms as far as i know, cause i never used it
  16. games addons, sounds really cool, maybe those vista games ported to xp fit in this forum too,great addon! :nostalgia:
  17. likn is pointing to http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/addons/Kels_..._addon_v8.6.CAB instead of http://www.wpiw.net/downloads/addons/Kels_..._addon_v8.8.CAB check it out kel, btw thanx for the update
  18. live mesh is something like mobileme or .Mac, a service not software
  19. you liked ultrapack eh? looks promising the addon, gonna test and reply
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