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  1. @Jan Krohn, I'd like to try it. Win 7 Pro x64 - Can I select any Dell model? Should there be any difference? Thanks again. I appreciate it.
  2. @Jan Krohn, Thank you for the effort and the detailed reply. Highly appreciated. I'll follow your suggestion and try downloading on the first days of March. I'm trying to install Win 7 on a 10th GEN Intel machine (using Windows 7 Image Updater). - So the Dell branding would probably not work. Best regards.
  3. @Jan Krohn, Thanks for replying. I appreciate it. Should the Win 7 Pro x64 Hebrew ISO be available the entire day? Or should I remember to download at 00:00? Best regards.
  4. Hello, I've tried to download Win 7 Pro x64 Hebrew. - The file was not available. I've read some of the posts here and I'm slightly confused. Should the requested ISO be available on March 1st or possibly earlier? Thank you. I'd appreciate your help.
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