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  1. I agree completely with everything you say. Microsoft is detestable. Not only do they force unwanted updates which damage computers, but they also have zero liability and even worse they don't care one bit. Their support site is a joke.
  2. Yes, indeed, I was finally able about 10 days ago to get DISM to repair all the damaged files once I had downloaded the 2004 ISO to use as the source. However, successfully repairing all the damaged files showed no detectable benefit; all the problems remained. My next step is to try a repair-install of my 2004 by using the downloaded 2004 ISO. I have no confidence that it will go well, because the now-broken UAC might wrongly interfere, the Crypto Service routinely takes complete use of the HDD, and other problems exist from the update. Thanks for posting the detailed reply. The instructions are excellent.
  3. If I have the 2004 19041.1 ISO, and I choose to repair from that ISO while keeping all my data, then what exactly happens? I'm not allowed by Windows to proceed without an active internet connection, and it says it wants to download various updates. What I'm worried about is that it will proceed to download the *latest* ISO which is December 20H2, then I'll have to go through another 12 hour download on my slow connection. That might then mess up my computer as badly as the 2004 March-2021 update already did to me. My Win 10 has been damaged by the March update and I cannot install any more updates, neither via Windows Update nor manually with update msu files from the catalog. All I want to do is to re-install 19041.1 from a fresh ISO so that my computer runs again as it should.
  4. Hi, Jan. I hope you can help, as I've been struggling with this off and on since March 10th after being forced to upgrade to 19041.1. I now have several persistent problems, including not being able to do any more updates. The MS "Update Troubleshooter" fails, as also sfc (found bad DLLs, but can't repair) and DISM (is repairable, but source not found). What I'd like to accomplish is to repair my Windows with DISM so I can install security updates whenever they arise. If that fails, I'd want to do a repair install and keep all my data. Since I have only a 1 Mb connection, I'd certainly prefer not doing multiple downloads. Since MediaCreationTool20H2.exe failed, I don't trust Microsoft tools and want to download an ISO manually. Please tell me which ISO to use. I've not done this before. The MS forum is not very helpful. Should I go with the 2004 19041 version, because supposedly I need that to use with DISM? Must I use a 19041 ISO to repair my computer's 19041? Or should I use the December 20H2 19042 version, and use that to repair or upgrade my Win 10 to 20H2? Thanks for any advice. -- Bob P.S. Congratulations on at least getting the $9K from underhanded Amazon. That's quite a story. P.P.S. In your software, there seems to be a bug which shows double entries for Dec 20H2 at the top.
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