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  1. @Dallen I think @Dietmar should be able to help you with getting it working.
  2. @Vertex You might be running into the 7B BSOD if you're using USB to install XP. To get around this you can use something like Easy2boot which will let you load the installer into RAM and then boot off of it. This will get around the 7B BSOD.
  3. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Sorry, We have a tendency to just assume that any ported driver for XP out there was made by you. who made this one then? @daniel_k ?
  4. @Dietmar what NVMe drive do you recommend for XP?
  5. @Dietmar Can you do a similar thing with AMD 300/400/500 chipsets?
  6. @Levi2002 CSM is Legacy OS support - Without CSM support XP will not boot.
  7. @Dietmar@Gelip Have either of you tried Windbg via firewire? - there is a kd1394.dll - I'm assuming that's firewire?
  8. @Dietmar Try the card on an AMD board? the AB350 G K4? same result?
  9. @Andalu I would recommend an ASRock AMD board if you want to use XP, they're the most reliable from my experience.
  10. @K4sum1 Would you be happy with a USB WiFi adapter? or it needs to be mini pci-e?
  11. @K4sum1 I managed to find this one for you. https://www.netgear.com/support/product/A6210.aspx#Software Version It's oldest driver still supports XP, all the newer versions dropped XP support
  12. @K4sum1 Upload the driver that your wifi adapter came with and I'll take a look.
  13. @Gelip I found this one that doesn't have a bridge chip. https://www.startech.com/en-au/cards-adapters/pex2s553
  14. @Gelip I can build a kdcom.dll from source code if you think that'll help for this.
  15. @K4sum1 It might work with the ntoskrnl extender - we'd have to look at the driver.
  16. @Gelip I recall @Dietmar said he found one that works for XP.
  17. @Gelip I can build you a 64-bit NTLDR_DBG from 2003 RTM source if you want it.
  18. @Andalu I reckon you'd have more luck with an AMD board at least ACPI wise. and I still don't understand what makes that modem so special, but whatever.
  19. @Andalu Yeah, ACPI errors are tough to fix, we usually just jump over the error in the driver, have you tried any of the 5048 versions to see if they work any better? I'm curious, why that ADSL modem card? Old sound/graphics cards I get since they're useful for retro games, but a modem?
  20. @Andalu You mentioned you needed this board for the PCI slot, what PCI card are you trying to use?
  21. @Andalu We can do it via editing the registry of boot.wim image using NTLite Inside the boot.wim registry It's in Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\NLTmp~614f60f8~SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\CrashControl set AutoReboot to 0, save changes to the boot.wim image and then boot from it.
  22. @Andalu You are definitely getting a BSOD, but automatic restart on failure is enabled so you don't have time to see it. I can't remember off the top of my head right now but there is a way to disable automatic restart on failure before booting.
  23. @Andalu What BSOD did you get on windows 8.0? edit: If you think you are going to look at getting a different motherboard, ASRock I think still use the 2012 iASL compiler for their ACPI tables i.e meaning you're less likely to have ACPI issues with their boards - I can boot Vista and 7 without an ACPI table mod on my ASRock AB350 G K4 board. You can check the ACPI tables before buying a board by downloading the BIOS Image, extracting the DSDT with UEFITool, and disassambling it with latest iASL. It'll tell you under "Compiler Version " what version was used to build it.
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