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  1. @Thor55 switch back to acpi 5048 for a sec, post a screenshot of the A5 BSOD you get.
  2. @George King do you have a new version of XP2ESD for me to try out? I also want to try booting XP with 2008 kernel using winload again.
  3. @Dietmar For XP textmode setup can you check if changing these in txtsetup.sif allows you to connect windbg during text mode setup? Modifying txtsetup.sif If you are developing for XP or 2000, or want some other debug configuration than the default for 2003, you are going to need to change the file txtsetup.sif. The file contains the following line: OsLoadOptions = "/fastdetect /noguiboot /nodebug" To invoke the debugger, modify the above line to remove the /nodebug and add the desired debug switches, for example: OsLoadOptions = "/fastdetect /noguiboot /baudrate=115200 /break" The above will run the debugger off COM1 at 115200 baud and cause the HAL to stop at a breakpoint in the beginning of its initialization. The /break makes it easy to activate the verbose debug tracing to aid in finding the problem. Note that if you are modifying the txtsetup.sif file for Windows Server 2003 you could instead modify the line starting with SetupDebugOptions=. This line in the file contains the options invoked when the F8 key is pressed during setup. Changing this, if you are building a custom CD-ROM will allow you to optionally use the F8 debugger control but use different debug options. Now that you know how to modify txtsetup.sif, you need to get the changes into the installation. There are two ways to do this: Winn32.exe installation or a custom CD-ROM.
  4. @Thor55 Using 192kb acpi.sys do you still get 0A BSOD?
  5. @Thor55 USB3.0? I said to test with ACPI patch only since we're not sure which driver is failing. If you do not integrate any patches - do you get A5 BSOD?
  6. @Thor55 OK, try - acpi 5048 - 2020.10.24 - daniel_k, diderius6 - see if that makes a difference.
  7. @Thor55 Which options did you select when you got BSOD 0A? and which options did you select when it froze at "Setup is Starting Windows"?
  8. How to run kernel debug from within XP textmode setup? I would imagine there would be a way to do this, but I'm not sure how. If anyone already knows how to please post letting us know.
  9. @Thor55 hmmm, this seems like it might be something other than ACPI that is failing, possibly USB3. First lets check if ACPI is working - use the optional patch integrator, integrate only ACPI driver and nothing else, then test. post screenshot of BSOD if any.
  10. I've uploaded my experimental XP with server 2008 for anyone curious to test it. https://ufile.io/kjlbndil
  11. @Thor55 Please post a screen shot of the ACPI A5 BSOD you are getting on your hardware.
  12. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I can send you the ISO image if you're curious to have a look at it.
  13. @Dietmar Do you want to try out my server 2008 kernel on XP ISO image? see if you can get textmode setup to work?
  14. I got very close to booting XP textmode setup with the server 2008 kernel and HAL - I got up to "Setup is Starting Windows" - no crash, but it stops there. Does anyone want to try and see if they can get any further with it?
  15. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD nevermind HAL extender - got it to compile. --- Would it be difficult to implement server 2003 pushlocks into ntoskrnl extender?
  16. Try that with UEFISever and see if that gets around the lack of CSM.
  17. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD I'll try making a new HAL extender I want to replace internal function HaliInitPowerManagement with a new version in my extender, whats the best way to do that?
  18. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD Can you take a look at these functions in vista HAL to see if there is equivalent XP HAL code we can use to do the same thing? HalAcpiGetTableDispatch HalAcpiGetRsdpDispatch HalAcpiGetFacsMappingDispatch HalAcpiGetAllTablesDispatch
  19. @Dietmar could the failure be caused in my HAL? - this HAL I built from source, exports added for vista acpi.sys, so use the symbols I sent you for debugging. Does it matter whether ntkrnlmp or ntkrpamp is used? the kernel I sent has not been modified it is standard SP3 kernel.
  20. @Dietmar I see PDB symbols are not loaded for my source HAL or vista acpi.sys - try loading the PDB symbols for my source built HAL and vista acpi.sys - see if loading the symbols gives more info.
  21. @ExtremeGrief Lucky! My TRX40 Designare give an A5 BSOD on anything older than windows 8.1 Windows 8.0 and USB 3.0 works after patched acpi.sys from Dietmar. @Dietmar does KiIdleloop infinite occur before acpi.sys is loaded?
  22. So _PmHalDispatchTable is part of struct _PM_DISPATCH_TABLE typedef struct _PM_DISPATCH_TABLE { ULONG Signature; ULONG Version; PVOID Function[1];} PM_DISPATCH_TABLE, *PPM_DISPATCH_TABLE; It's initialized as null PPM_DISPATCH_TABLE PmAcpiDispatchTable = NULL; called and loaded by HaliInitPowerManagement NTSTATUSHaliInitPowerManagement( IN PPM_DISPATCH_TABLE PmDriverDispatchTable, IN OUT PPM_DISPATCH_TABLE *PmHalDispatchTable ); *PmHalDispatchTable = (PPM_DISPATCH_TABLE)&HalAcpiDispatchTable; I've discovered that XP only fills the table up to HaliIsVectorValid whereas Vista has some additional functions XP does not have HalAcpiGetTableDispatch HalAcpiGetRsdpDispatch HalAcpiGetFacsMappingDispatch HalAcpiGetAllTablesDispatch I think these functions being absent from XP's PM_DISPATCH_TABLE is why the vista acpi.sys fails since it seems to depend on these to find ACPI tables. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD what do you think?
  23. @ExtremeGrief lucky you! So you don't get an A5 BSOD or anything on vista?
  24. @Dietmar I'm making another attempt at getting vista acpi.sys to work on XP, please debug this when you have time. https://ufile.io/pjo8k647 edit: is point of failure still in ACPIFindLoadRSDT() at _PmHalDispatchTable?
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