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  1. For me email from MSFN was in spam and only appeared after 4 resends. They really need to fix their sign up system lol.
  2. So did you find something in my ACPI things
  3. Will it leak anything from my motherboard like HWID
  4. But 149C works on my PC just fine on XP after George King King
  5. I don't know how exactly he gave me an XP2ESD ISO and it just worked
  6. @infuscomusI got USB working on 149C thanks to @George King
  7. Use takeown and icacls to give yourself permissions, or use Unlocker app
  8. Your image is corrupted, remove folders with _ in XP2ESD folder and clear temp and %temp%
  9. > If you're booting Windows 7 or earlier in a VM, you will need the OVMF firmware with Seabios compiled in as the Compatibility Support Module (CSM), which isn't normally included. This makes it useless as UEFI Class 3 BIOS don't have CSM support. And on UEFI Class 1-2 just use Legacy/CSM/MBR
  10. Nope. It boots just fine with integrated USB 3.x drivers.
  11. For me 149C controller boots but USB isn't working so i can't check anything else, and it's the same for every USB port.
  12. @infuscomus Isn't Server 2003 source more recent? You could try 2003 with compiled kernel. I don't think it'll be too easy to get SP1 kernel working on SP3, and even if you do, it will probably still have some bugs.
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