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  1. Jms583 has many compatibility problems. Even if win8 / 8.1/10 system is used, there will be strange compatibility problems, especially on AMD platform.
  2. @infuscomus I found that test/save mode will work well if I don't install the HDMI sound driver. If install the HDMI sound driver,it will freeze any sysetm mode. So I think maybe something wrong about its regedit.
  3. @infuscomus I found a new way to solve the win8 porting usb driver problem. Do not to install any AMD or Nvidia HDMI Sound driver. Then it will be working well.
  4. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD No driver fails (error code) or hardware fails to detect ports/hub. According to my tests on several platforms, this bug only exists on the AMD motherboards of ASUS and Lenovo. Specifically, the boot is frozen in the boot logo. And it only appears in the xhci master built in AMD CPU. The xhci from the chipset on the motherboard is not affected. The IOD of the amd3000 / 5000 is essentially the same as the PCH of the x570. The xhci master is 149c. I edit the device ID in the INF file and exclude it one by one. The device ID in the INF file cannot be PCI \ CC_ 0C0330, this happens even if 149c is excluded with ExcludeID.
  5. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD@Dietmar I already porting the usb driver from win8.1 and win10 1511, but they will code 10 error on win7. What I need to do with the inf file?
  6. @infuscomus TRX40 have 148C and 149C, 149C is from chips, 148C form CPU, do the 148C have this problem? If We want to porting the XHCI driver frome win8.1/10, we need @Mov AX, 0xDEAD help us to porting win8.1/10 usb driver. I can not solve those Timer funtions.
  7. @infuscomus How to solve A5 BSOD? I found that many intel platform will A5 BSOD on win7/8/8.1, but AMD can replace the mod acpi.sys to solve it. For AMD CPU inside XHCI contoller(Not only 149C), I think it is ASUS bios bug. Maybe cause by its power manage. On my testing, GIGABYTE, MSI, ASRock not have this problem, but ASUS, Lenovo mainboard will have this problem.
  8. I think it is too hard to porting the win8.1 usb driver to work on win7/xp system.
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