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  1. It is unfortunate that you have such troublesome hardware. Sorry the existing patches do not work for you. @Mov AX, 0xDEAD @Dietmar BSOD A5 0x14 - ACPI could not parse source descriptor. Length exceeds MAXULONG. let me wait for the next fixes when the authors try this asus prime x299 deluxe II board to make the acpi work for future installation each board i don't know if it has anything different acpi in bios acpi generation are set for processor generation settings in bios and more
  2. please answer only this is still bsod acpi 5048 - 2020.10.24 - daniel_k, diderius6 file is 234 kb long i think it will never work that way but i'm not sure the acpi.sys size is wrong it might be 192kb correct i tried everything in the folder after kind all are bsod
  3. Do you still get 0A BSOD using 192kb acpi.sys? yes some acpi.sys older date with 192 kb acpi.sys appear bsod exception is this latest acpi 6666 - 2021.8.28 - daniel_k, diderius6 both authors wrote corrections well which is true but unfortunately still Bsod with IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL
  4. I tried, as you said, but without success, a message that is ACPI not fully compliant with the file acpi ..acpi.sys, larger than 200 kb, does not go immediately, then passes bsod 1 second
  5. this date is not in the folder in the new intergrator acpi 5048 - 2020.10.24 - daniel_k, diderius6 please send me i will try everything but i have a lot of time every day, please send this driver because it is not in the folder
  6. hi infuscomus However, it doesn't make sense to try the usb3.0 driver so many times to turn on the keyboard and mouse, in addition to acpi I tried different ones in the integrator, acpi and usb 3.0 but so far without success .. what should I do differently because it's pointless
  7. Which options did you choose when you got the 0A BSOD? and what options did you choose when it froze under "Installation starts Windows"? I only selected the Acpi option and it starts windows before installation and I waited at least 55 seconds and in an instant the message IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL
  8. hi since i integrated acpi with x86 integrator (32 bit and then sent you pictures these two are here .. nothing but acpi integrated please reply thank you for all the answers
  9. hi infuscomus here are two pictures of hardware issues, although the CPU is totally 64-bit, it doesn't have 32-bit, but it probably won't work, there are 64-bit windows xp, although the integrator is 32-bit, I hope the 32-bit xp will work on a 64-bit processor i have an i9 x series x64 bit motherboard x299 asus prime x299 deluxe II is my board please wait my foto big 1,6 4k resolution wait small size resolution im 10 minutes back
  10. I have an asus prime x299 Deluxe II motherboard .. I hope you will write ACPI.sys for this generation motherborad that can continue installing the legendary windows xp
  11. im downloaded 2021.12.19 now it's much more interesting with ACPI.sys acpi 6666 - 2021.8.28 - daniel_k, diderius6 froze the installation for windows xp for a few moments ..but the computer told me this problem IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL ..what else should I do about ACPI.SYS ... I replaced some acpi.sys from the intergrator folders but bsod happens with ACPI
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