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  1. @pappyN4 Hi pappy, although with delay, I have to thank you for the updated files. Do you have solved the JMS583 restart issue with your "W7deadlockTest1" driver? Even if I'm sure you have already solved, I wanted to confirm that the driver works without issues here. The stor_uas.sys (modified to exclude the last reference to storport.sys) should have SHA-1 1F712DE6864E14F201EF3D59BB5A161E7A735019 now. Another way to find a solution for the restart issue could be to try the "coexistence" of different versions of storport.sys as @Mov AX, 0xDEAD had reported on the deleted XP thread: "To coexist different versions of storport need: 1) rename storport.sys to stor_xxx.sys or xxx_stor.sys 2) in stor_xxx.sys change unicode "\Device\RaidPort%d" to unique string, like "\Device\UaspPort%d" or "\Device\NVMePort%d"." Edit: I just seen you've updated the Emu_Extender readme with the instructions for the Windows 8's UASP driver. Thanks
  2. @pappyN4 Hi, sorry for the delay in my reply. I don't have the restart issue you reported for the JMS583 USB to NVMe enclosure in 3 systems tested, but all of them have an USB intel xHCI controller. Unfortunately, I don't have any AMD board to test. Here the test systems configuration with stor_uas driver from Win8: storport.sys v6.1.7601.23403 (SHA1: 52B722E6D53E6E539996F9C0FAD3F43B069C616E) usbd8.sys v6.2.9200.20761 (SHA1: 5B0951A9817203A1B3DD1770062F1A5F1DE8694D) storpor8.sys v5.1.2600.8 (SHA1: 0F522653335981E4074127737200D35908634E11) stor_uas.sys v6.2.9200.16384 (SHA1: 34EBEDF9AD9F4CDC89B59E580CC3CD4223F6DE78) uaspstor.sys v6.2.9200.16384 (SHA1: 7F9C97BE9820DB7B586D3B00F73940A12715C4BA) usbd_w8.sys v6.2.9200.16384 (SHA1: 6B26C1252D7CC00E9B6E4C46EE773DB03DEF4B90) WppRecorder.sys v6.2.9200.16384 (SHA1: AB0369D23C2A03A7C7D1769713770B3415761637) Do you have already tried with the USB3 Etron driver? It also works for the UAS devices and as for the stor_uas driver from Win8 it has better performances than the Via UAS driver. Edit: I see you're using an updated storport.sys (I think it's already patched) that I was not able to find. Could you please upload it somewhere?
  3. I have too an adapter with the same chipset. I'll try it on the motherboard where the restart fails with a connected PS/2 keyboard and the uaspstor from win8.
  4. @pappyN4 which is the chipset of your USB to NVMe adapter?
  5. @George King thanks for the detailed reply. I had tried in XP x86 and was stuck on the message "the NTMAKEENV environment variable must be defined" after running the "build /Degbw" command. So, I totally skipped the step 1) you pointed out. The problem now is how to "compile guide for 2003".....
  6. Some questions about ACPI v2.0: where can I find the patch.exe executable and which versions of the GNU patch packages for windows should be used? Can the compilation be done in XP or is it preferable another operating system (x86 or x64)?
  7. @George King I tried your last acpi.sys from the "i386_free" folder on the following boards: - Gigabyte H470 HD3 -> A5 BSOD (0x011, 0x08, 0xB998B000, 0x20160527); - Asus Prime Q370M -> A5 BSOD (0x03, 0xA755B9BC, 0xC014008, 0x494E495F); - Asrock H310M-HDV -> A5 BSOD (0x03, 0x97EE06D0, 0xC0140008, 0x494E495F); - Asrock B250M Pro4 -> A5 BSOD (0x03, 0x8A8A64C4, 0xC0140008, 0x494E495F); - Asus Prime B250M -> it works as well as the previous version.
  8. @George King thanks for the tip @Andrea Turra the 07B error is related to the sata-ahci driver. As reported by @Dietmar here the sata driver that works on Z690 platforms is the one from Kai Schtrom. Also from @Dietmar something interesting here about the same MSI Z690 board.
  9. The forum seems to be working again :) @pappyN4 I did a test installing the NVMe samsung v3.3.0 driver and nvidia v368.81 drivers on a GT730 and detected no problems on my intel B250 system. Perhaps the problem you encountered could just be due to an incompatibility with amd systems? P.S.: can anyone suggest how to get the blue background when typing @(member)?
  10. @pappyN4 Thank you for the modified DiskInfo.exe and for explaining how to make it work. As for the Samsung NVMe driver, I've installed XP on NVMe drives like WD SN750, Crucial P5, and Sabrent Rocket with no problems. Now I can get smart data for all of them with CrystalDiskInfo. I add that if @Dietmar said that this driver doesn't work all the time, I have no reason to have doubts.
  11. I encountered some problems with that storport.sys getting the same error code 39 for all NVMe drivers I have installed (Samsung, Microsoft and OFA v1.5 and v1.3). I only uploaded the image for the OFA v1.5 driver: No problem using Kai-Schtrom's sata/ahci driver and another version of storport.sys (in the screenshot is the one by @George King), where you can also get the smart data from the latest version of CrystalDiskInfo for the NVMe drive but only with the Samsung NVMe driver and when DiskInfo32.exe can no longer load the wbemprox.dll otherwise it crashes (that library can also be renamed for testing purposes only):
  12. Hi Dietmar, could you kindly point out the SHA-1 of the storport.sys with SMART support you are using? Does it report data smart for the NVMe drives as well? Thanks as always for your helpful info and support
  13. @Dietmar thanks for your tests on the boards with chipset Z690. I have two requests: - is there a possibility to install XP on a motherboard that has no PS/2 port? How to get past text mode setup? - could you please upload somewhere the PEMaker 0.82 tool, because from the link http://blog.livedoor.jp/blackwingcat/archives/1313117.html I always get the Bad GateWay error? Thanks P.S.: the Update Mini Tool is the one from MDL?
  14. @Dietmar I'm sure that with your skill you'll be able to overcome the forcing that Gigabyte has started to introduce in its bios. I didn't have a good experience with the Gigabyte B560M-D3H bios. So much so that, exhausted by the headaches it gave me, I decided to return it when suddendly, after a normal restart, it didn't boot up anymore and get stuck on the gigabyte home screen. The boot no longer worked also with Win10. The CMOS clear didn't help. I downgraded the bios from version F6 to F5 and booting worked on Win10 but it was not possible to keep the CSM on enabled which was automatically put on disabled at each reboot, so XP still did not work. Updating the bios to the latest version F7 would have meant no longer being able to downgrade, with unpredictable consequences for the XP installation. I'm still wondering how it was possible that a working motherboard, regularly turned off in the evening, the next morning gives no sign of life when the power button is pressed. This time the CMOS clear helped (I have never performed so many CMOS clears as with this board). I'm going to start staying away from Gigabyte motherboards (and I'm writing from a GA-H470 that works like a charm).
  15. @Dietmar I tried the USB3 driver v6.2.9200.22099 (backported from Win8) with usbhub3.sys dated 23 June 2020. UAS devices are installed via the same driver and their proper USB speed is now correctly listed in USB Device Tree Viewer software. The performance detected by CrystalDiskMark for USB3.2 Gen.2 and Gen.2x2 mass storage devices is also as expected (and better than what is achieved with the USB3.X xHCI driver v2.2). No issues detected so far.
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