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  1. 5 hours ago, George King said:

    Here you can find script and ported Generic USB3.x driver for 6.0. For ported drivers thanks to @daniel_k




    Ok, this issue is solved for me, but I have another issue... random BSODs... Vista is just unstable on Ryzen, it can give you random BSODs with random codes (IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL, BAD_POOL_HEADER, etc), and seems that we need to contact win32 (creator of Windows Vista Extended Kernel) about this issue, but seems that he is active only on msfn.org, and I can't sign up to msfn.org because e-mail just does not arrive to me. So, @George King, could you contact win32 about this issue, and, if possible, bring him to this forum, if he is not in this forum? UPD: I found some person called @Win32, maybe he is real win32 UPD 2: No, he is not real win32

  2. Can you answer me the following questions:

            1. It is possible to get rid of random BSODs when using Windows Vista on AMD Ryzen?

            2. It is possible to fix Haswell+ issues on Windows Vista?

            3. It is possible to install Windows Vista on UEFI-only PCs by using methods like VgaShim, UefiSeven, disabling VGA method, FlashBoot Pro, etc?

            4. Does there is USB 3.0 and NVMe drivers for Vista?

            5. Does there is a patched ACPI.sys if you get BSOD 0x000000A5?

            6 (optional question). It is possible to add TRIM support into Vista?

    And last, but not least question: Does there is eMMC drivers for Windows Vista (and Windows 7, because we can't even install Windows 7 on eMMC drives), and if not, it is possible to backport Windows 8 8056 driver to Windows Vista and 7?

    P.S. For me, the important problems is 1, and 4 (except NVMe because I have 2 SATA drives and no NVMe drives). The optional problems for me is 6 (I have 1 SSD drive and 1 HDD drive, and I would like to install Windows Vista on SSD drive, yes, you can install it on SSD, but Vista does not support TRIM, and I heard that SSD lifespan will be shorter than if you use Windows 7 or newer)

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