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  1. In Post #60 , ricktendo64 said Is the whitelist still working? Or just the cookies but not the ActiveX?
  2. It took me few months to figure it out that SpywareBlaster is the cause for those popups!!! :ranting: And of course these errors were usually my own faults!!!! :type: Then BTW , how can view those ActiveX that were blocked?
  3. Configuring SpywareBlaster is way too difficult for me,, It causes popup in too many websites,, You see even in these trusted WinCert forum, MSFN forums, ...............
  4. Abandon IE ... and no reason to use SpywareBlaster anymore... :ranting:
  5. I recently found out that this SpywareBlaster is too powerful that it blocked many websites' ActiveX add-ons, even the add-on of this WinCert forum!!! It causes this "An add-on for this website failed to run. Check the security settings in Internet Options for potential conflicts." pop up very frequently in IE!!! I am a user of this SpywareBlaster, but I am now considering to abandon it.... :ranting:
  6. User_hidden, you are really great! Updated so quickly and promptly. Thanks a lot!
  7. MU still asks for VC++ 2005 SP1 update (KB2538242)! HFSLIP as slipstreamer.
  8. It seems that the section [DLLs.Register] in Uber.inf has missed this line: Thus the "Copy to..." "Move to..." are missing when this addon is integrated but not when installed.
  9. (MIPSE.dll MiTeC Image Preview Shell Extension) is buggy.It has problem with some image files that is greater 2 Mb size and that is scanned from scanner. It cause the explorer.exe to hang (not responding) when click / right click on these files. After the MIPSE.dll is unregistered, the problem is solved(ie. not responding problem)
  10. I think the one that Kel provided in the 1st post has some mistakes. I repacked another one using Kel's addon with the .inf settings of Kel's Uberpack. Give it a try! VistaDriveIcon_ADDON.CAB
  11. It is nuisance that the MS installer add a Start Menu Shortcut of "Microsoft Silverlight" I tried to delete that by creating an addon that add a command after the installer: But it failed! The shortcut was still there after XP setup. Anybody has any clue?
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