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  1. Thanks. I didn't say it's not working because I haven't tested yet.
  2. Hi, I use nlite and I want to create an addon that installs Devcon.exe (simply copy the files in system32, indeed) in my XP SP3. Can I do that only using the entries.ini files or must I add an inf files? Here is the addon structure I'd like to: Devcon.cab +DEVCON.EX_ +ENTRIES_devcon.INI ENTRIES_devcon.INI content: [general]builddate=2009/10/11 description=utilitaire de ligne de commande qui peut
  3. Download link on first post is dead !!!
  4. OnePiece, I have a request. Could you add the last Office Genuine Advantage (KB949810) to your WGA true addon. It would be perfect Not necessarily in French, you can do it in Italian or English, I would update it in french myself.
  5. WGA: French download link updated to v1.9.40.0 (KB905474) windowsxp-kb905474-fra-x86.exe1- Pour faire un add-on fran
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