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  1. Yes, was just going to request this same thing. PLEASE Lego, this would be a great feature. Save Tweaks As A Reg File Is there anywhere that the Tweaks made by Win Toolkit are Saved As A Reg File? Just not seeing them applied to the install and would like to add them manually. Thanks
  2. If using this ([slim] .NET Framework 4.5.1 Full x86/x64 (1-19-2014)) in a Win7 VM and going online with WU, then the updates included in this should NOT show in WU as needing to be installed? Right?
  3. @wela What virus did the report indicate? Just curious.Thanks for the update!
  4. Please advise on the exact lines I need to enter -- and where to enter – in the Autounattend.xml file to make sure I can choose which partition to format & install to. Want to install to a partition other than my first partition and make sure that other partitions are not formatted. Are these the only lines needed and where are they placed? <DiskConfiguration> <WillShowUI>Always</WillShowUI> </DiskConfiguration>Are there any disk wipe options I can search for in Autounattend.xml ? How do I make sure the disk wipe options are not set? When I use VMware Player to install, it seems to not give a choice; but then it only has one “Virtual HDD” it is installing to and seems to be doing its own install thing (also asks for license key). Thanks
  5. Gets confusing as to which does what and what to use. Win Toolkit > Main > Basic > AIO Integrator > Advanced > Component Removal ---Removes components by installing and then uninstalling. ---Does not reduce size of WIM / ISO. Win Toolkit > Main > Basic > AIO Integrator > Advanced > vLite ---Removes components by removing them from WIM. ---Does reduce size of WIM / ISO. Win Toolkit > Main > Advanced > Component Removal ---Removes components by removing them from WIM. ---Does reduce size of WIM / ISO. The guides might be outdated. Please correct / add to for clarification. Thanks
  6. As a silent installer, in the silent instal+SFX tab of Win Toolkit. 4.0 was updated recently, that's all, there is no mixup. Thought I had read you have to first unpack, add switches, edit config, and then repack before it could be placed there. Thanks for clarifying. Ok, so 4.5.1 is up to date (the updates done with 4.0 did not need to be done with 4.5.1)? Thanks
  7. Sorry, Got the "to be used for” part switched around. Why is 4.5.1 (for win 7) dated 10-17-2013 ? and 4 (for XP SP3) dated 1-05-2014 ? The dates and versions seem to be switched around. ...or is the 4.5.1 just not updated yet? >>4.5.1 replace 4.0, no need for both in Win7. Yes I read that. >>For win7, no need for an addon, can be added 'as is' in Win Toolkit. Where in Win Toolkit? As an add-on? Thanks
  8. Confused: Why is 4.5.1 (for XP SP3) dated 10-17-2013 ? and 4 (for win 7) dated 1-05-2014 ? The dates and versions seem to be switched around. And “the to be used for” seem to be switched around. And the tools mentioned in the OP can be used to modify this installer (add LPs) or make it into an add-on? And then use that add-on in AIO? Right? Thanks
  9. Thanks, These pages got me thinking about the potential of this tool (high hopes): http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?/topic/7384-video-windows-7-aikopk-deployment-101-updated/ http://mythoughtsonit.com/2013/02/dism-exe-replaces-imagex-exe/
  10. Does this utilize Sysprep & DISM? Can this be used to capture an existing install / System Image? Thanks
  11. AHHH, Sorry about that. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\http\shell\open\command\\(default) >> "E:\PathXOZ\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -osint -url "%1" HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE was the last one I had used. Your fix worked regardless. Thanks
  12. P.S. Also try test 15. HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes\HTTP\shell\open\command\\(default) >> "C:\PathXOZ\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe" -nohome I kept as that to test 15 and it worked like a charm!! Kudos.
  13. Sorry, but still opening in IE. If go to Win Toolkit's Downloads tab and click on GC or Theme Packs, an IE window opens. Using WinToolkit141-29Test_14 Are there any registry settings or configuration files that need to be cleared? Nothing else opens IE; but might just be my XP or FF install. Thanks
  14. Thanks. Their explanation ' justification for running IE -- within another browser -- is also very good (as need be).
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