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  1. Personally, I am using Jdownloader now (http://jdownloader.ath.cx). It's working much better for me, plus, being written in Java, it's plattform-independent, so I could even use it in Ubuntu =)
  2. FYI: The title reads "Windows XP" rather than "Windows Server 2003". So that makes two threads with an identical titles
  3. SPTD v.1.56 are out, any chance of an update?
  4. You could give this one a try. It's German but maybe you can get an idea from it or such http://www.german-nlite.de/index.php?showt...6&hl=winamp
  5. Roger that, I'll get to it! How would I go about that one? I do have a German Vista DVD here as well as the SP1, however, neither is currently installed (could do so in a VM if required). Can I extract the needed files (could you list/name them, please?) from the install source or does it need to be installed first? Thanks again! EDIT: Here cometh the translation: InsTitle ="Windows-Sidebar-Installationsprogramm"InstQuest="Wollen Sie die Windows Sidebar installieren?" InsFinal ="Gl
  6. Hey, any chance of getting this updated with the latest version of your English sidebar? Or, any instructions on how to do this myself?
  7. Definately! This is (presumably) because you have ticked the "show hidden devices" (or similar, can't tell you the exact translation) in the view options (cf screenshot). There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it not a problem and also not "caused" by Kel's pack. The reason they do not have HWIDs is, well, simply because if they did, they actually were PnP drivers, no? Seeing as PnP can only work because of the HWID... If you are bothered by the device list showing up you can simply untick the option, however, that does not make them disappear, they just aren't being shown anymore. While I do let them show on my machine, I cannot recall one incident where that was actually useful (as in I had to tinker with one of these devices). Since you cannot and don't have to update any drivers for them it provides merely some more or less useless information about what is "present" in your machine
  8. 3.0.621 is out for both AV as well as ESS, any chance of an update? =)
  9. I have just installed SP3 RC1 today and seeing your post, I immediately gave it a try to "provoke" this error (simply right-click on an entry in the Start menu) and, unfortunately, I can confirm that this has NOT been fixed in SP3 (so far). Seeing as it's RC1, I estimate the chances to have this fixed for final rather slim... I'm not sure how it is with Vista and SP1 RC1, thpugh...
  10. Also, this is only useful for those that (still) use CRTs. No need for it (or gain) on an LCD. Plus, I recommend enabling V-Sync while you're at it for maximum viewing pleasure and experience =)
  11. Hey, you can try either this ( http://www.msfn.org/board/Silent-NET-Maker...2-2-t90779.html ) or this ( http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?...4142bf09ba5c151 ). There's also some AIO .NET 1.1+2+3 available, but it's in German. If you still want it, please sound up
  12. Splendid idea, only misses matching theme visuals Might try German later on, if time allows it.
  13. As a long-time NOD32 user after having been an also long-time NortonAV user (yes, I admit my sins!), I'd definately say ESET! Haven't tried their ESS lately (I did evaluate the Beta 1 with positive results), I can't really comment on that, but I'm sure it inherited all the good qualities from NOD32 Symantec/Norton OTOH is (ort rather: has been in the past, I have to be honest that I haven't tired any of their software lately. I was beta testing Norton 360, but that couldn't even be installed on THREE! of my testing machines... :/) really a bloated piece of software with probabaly useless but definately questionable features. It's definately nothing for the more experienced user, whereas NOD32 offers all the options I am seeking in an anti-virus solution.
  14. Well, I can't tell you for Omega drivers, because we only use official drivers (although I am using Omega's from time to time myself when there's problems with ATi's), but I don't see any advantage of using an AddOn for the driver rather than the BASE. Firstly, with the BASE, you will have the driver installed right away on first boot. With an AddOn, you'd probabaly have to reboot at least once to make it work properly. Secondly, the BASE will only install the drivers when the appropriate HW is found in the system. You will not run into conflicts on systems not featuring an ATi GFX card. With the AddOn, you'd have to have a routine that sorts this out for you, else, the installer will start, then fail because no proper HW could be found. Thridly, why create an AddOn for something that has already been covered in a, I dare say, pretty good way, by the DriverPacks? I mean, sure, you can go ahead and do it, no hard feelings, but it sounds a bit like a wasted efford, IMO. Unless, of course, you really want the Omega package, of course
  15. No objections on my part. I moved to DVD some time ago already (all those DriverPacks became way too huge plus these countless AddOns) so it doesn't really materr size-wise. I do consider it a good addition to the CD/DVD Speed AddOn, however
  16. LOL, whenever this guy updates HasTab, he totally ****s it up, only to release an update to the update that makes it great again. I'm wondering whether he does that on purpose, simply to annoy you, Kel PS: 2.0.4 is out already!
  17. Special version for 2k, eh? Gotta say, the Legacy Support around here is astonishing! If only MS would do such an outstanding job
  18. Just a heads-up, but version 2.0.4 has already been released (that was kinda fast, coming from 2.0 ).
  19. Same here! It's really nice under Vista, but playing it in a VM (don't want to instal Vista for "real") is kinda slow thanks to the missing 3D acceleration
  20. If you want to integrate drivers as well as the settings GUIs into your source, I suggest following the link in my sig :icon_cool:
  21. Thank you so much! I'm already registered at RougeSpear's forum (I really like his other nLite and DriverPack tools =)), so that's the least issue of mine Once again, you made my day, Rick. Cheers!
  22. Is it HDA-capable? If so, check for KB888111 (theoretically should be included in SP3 but you never know with MS...).
  23. Daemon Tools Lite 4.10 (with SPTD 1.50)! So far, I could only find version 4.09.1 (with SPTD 1.50), but no AddOns for 4.10. Apparently, from reading the threads over at Ryan's, the SPTD is especially tricky, hence I haven't dared creating one myself (I have succeded in doing so several times before but that were rather moderate ones ). Hence, this one would be very appreciated Also, if you still got enough times, why not also Deamn Tools Pro? I'm just not sure how the licence key situation would work out on that...
  24. Me, too, but I don't like the Rapidshare hosting. 144min waiting time for an 8KB file makes me sad
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