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  1. well i got it pasted that error by putting the HDD on the same IDE cable as the DVD drive and setting the jumpers accordingly now it completes the first part of the setup, then when it restarts to go into the second part of the installation it says boot from CD.... error loading operating system everytime now god its so annoying!
  2. its just a standard retail MS disc the disc is ok, i checked another XP disc and it says the same for that
  3. here is the message it displays in setup when trying to install windows and then it just restarts and says the same thing again and again i have reset the CMOS, i dont know if that has helped or caused the problem
  4. it now runs fine with 1GB of RAM but not with 2GB this is XP home edition, not professional it used to say 128 bit on boot up, now it says 64 bit
  5. at first, i had both in the same slots with the same colour and it kept crashing now i will try one in one colour and one in the other coloured socket
  6. seems like the RAM was the problem took one out, and now its down to 1GB and its running fine maybe i had the RAM in the wrong socket, as there are 4 sockets. 2 are one colour, and 2 are another colour....
  7. power supply info: "This Power supply is highly popular with its attractive fan and high reliabilty. It comes with 20+4 pin connector and SATA" Braided cable for tidier case/Better Airflow Comes with SATA Connector and 20 - 24 Pin Converter New Version 1.3/Ver.2.03 Silent and better ventiliation ATX 12V compliant for all kinds of CPU and mainboard Input voltage: 115VAC or 230VAC or 115VAC/230VAC MTBF 50,000 Hours @ 25 degrees Cable Connectors: 20+4Pin Power Connector 6x Molex 1x SATA ATX12V P4 PCI-Express Power Connector Rail Stats: +3.3V +5V +12V -5V -12V +5VSB 28A 35A 30A 0.5A 0.8A 2.5A i dont know where my 'session.ini' file is... so it definitely has to be either heat or RAM, that sure does narrow it down fast sometimes on boot up it says 'update DMI pool data success' sometimes also mentions K8N or something at the beginning, sounds like a old motherboard i had (MSI K8N) even when i havent changed anything.... would clearing the CMOS do anything beneficial?
  8. yes it was a clean install of windows XP off my retail version disc of XP home 'version 2002' then installed SP2 and the updates
  9. Just finished building my new spec pc with the latest bits, and now windows XP keeps crashing. Sometimes the screen just goes blank then after about 10 secs it restarts itself. Sometimes the blue screen of death appears for a second then the computer reboots everytime. Always takes about 5 attempts to get into windows after rebooting.....! Its so unstable now it says 'detected new hardware' for an unknown device, so i tried disabling it to no effect AMD 4600+ dual core processor Gigabit Mobo M57SLi-S4 Socket AM2 550w PSU 2GB DDR2 6400 RAM Creative XI-FI soundcard XFX 8800GTS PCI-E graphics card SATA hard drive IDE DVD-RW drive
  10. yes it says safely remove WDC WD2500KS...... (C:)
  11. bought a new hard drive yesterday and installed it its SATA as i wanted to move away from PATA (IDE) now XP shows the remove hardware safely icon down by the clock, it seems to think the hard drive is connected by USB.... how can i resolve this?
  12. i have OEM and have activated it once yet to try a second time, will be interesting to see if doesnt work might have to re-load it every 30 days then
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