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  1. I've read this article in keznews.com and it says that this is a new way to get a genuine key to activate vista.. really genuine?? i dont know.. i haven't tried it yet. You can download the keygen here: Link Removed This has been reported to work!......look at the following user comments!!! zapp2 wrote: This WORKS WORKS WORKS WORKS WORKS WORKS WORKS 2 min a go I ACTIVATED VISTA HOME BASIC..... Shocked Shocked Shocked Computer User U are the BIG MAN Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy CodeCrapper wrote: I GOT A VALID KEY FOR MY VISTA BUSINESS!!!!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy salmypal wrote: 5 hours and i got 3 legit keys. will leave it on for 2 days and will keep letting everyone know. need one ? i'll give only if your a long time keznews user. Wink Nice easy to follow instructions thanks guys: 1: download the file slmgr.zip (links below) 2: make a backup of C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs (in case the keygen works, replace it back with the original) 3: use slmgr.vbs from the zip-file to replace the one in C:\windows\system32\. If you have problems with permissions, select file...goto properties....take ownership....then change permissions. 4: write down your partial or entire productkey. You can check your key with "magic jellybean" (from our pack) 5: goto Start > Run, type "cmd" and OK. Now type "C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ipk generate". A process called "wscript.exe" will start and can take quite a lot of CPU resources. It will check aprox. 10000 keys per 30 minutes. 6: now the waiting begins. It can take very very very long before you get some results 7: after some time (hours, days) check your productkey with "magic jellybean" again to see if it has changed 8: if your serial has changed try to activate Vista by going to Start > Run. Now type the command "C:\windows\system32\slmgr.vbs -ato" DONE! KEYGEN PROVIDED BY COMPUTER USER!...thanks fokes for your "patience!" Laughing DISCLAIMER: under no circumstances should anyone sell the key that they generate. I do not support Piracy, this was simply an experiment in which i used to practice my vbscripting. This was just for fun and was a complete accident! sorry for cracking your beautiful operating system BILL GATES If this works, Please Tell Me.. hehehe... I've checked it and there's no virus...
  2. im so noob, i only know that it's DDR2... and i have 4slots on my laptop.
  3. OK.. my RAM is 2pc of 512mb so it makes 1Gb.. I want to add more RAM. Is it ok if I add 1pc of 1Gb RAM? or should I add 2pc of 512mb RAM again?? What can you say??
  4. whoa! vista ultimate? i got same specs as yours, only core 2 duo but i wont use vista ultimate on mine.. i'm afraid it will blow up.. LOL
  5. whats the theme of the desktop on the picture? i mean how did you change the icons...?? for some reasons, this add on slows up my computer.. why?? ----------------------------- Win XP 1GB RAM Intel Core Duo 1.8GHz
  6. hmm.. i think there's a problem with this add on.. the whole rocketdock was "blinking/flashing"...
  7. I'm thinking of buy Windows Vista.. atlast! after trying a cracked version. LOL BUT!! there are 3 choices... OEM, RETAIL and UPGRADE. The OEM was
  8. ok here's what happened.. i wanted to delete a partition and it my laptop was stuck.. so i had to reboot. when i reboot the other partition was not recognised! it says other..and the files in that partition was deleted. i dunno what happened.. but thats not the problem. it's ok now i just deleted the partition.. the problem is, i have an external cd-rom, a usb cd-rom.. now, when i had the 1st problem above i got this 2nd problem.. my cd-rom is not in my computer.. you know, like the other hard drives.. when you open my computer and you will see your local disk, cd-rom drive.. my cd-rom drive was not there! although when i opened the device manager, the cd-rom was there.. it says DVD/CD-RW.. but it's not in my computer.. what is the problem? and also, when i insert a disk, it doesnt start the setup.. because i want to install something.. does it have to do with the changes in the drive letters thats why it doesnt put any drive letter in my computer? grrr! i was so upset now.. if someone can help please help...
  9. How do you change the bootscreen? because there was no windows logo and name on it..
  10. hehe.. thats what the instructions said..
  11. ehehe! it's just xp.. i use windowblinds and vista transformation pack 6.. and ofcourse your vista sidebar rtm! it works perfectly together.. i feel like im using the real vista..
  12. Please make a program that will enable Dreamscene to work in windows xp! Your desktop background comes to life with Windows DreamScene. When you download this Ultimate Extra, you can select a video for your desktop background the same way you select a stationary picture. You can choose one of the high-quality looping videos that we
  13. hahahaha! wtf dude! to open such links to a new tab (like favorites, bookmarks) you must first press and hold the control key then click the link... dont let go of the control key if you didnt click the link.. by clicking only the link, it will open the link in a new window..
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