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  1. yes, but this addon can apply themes and registration automatically :thumbsup_anim: how can this be done silently? I mean applying themes silently.. try hundred times with regfile but still no success tq for your prompt reply ricks edit :- never mind that, finally using autoit to manually open winrar and change theme
  2. thanks ricks any chance that this excellent addon converted to switchless installer?
  3. Thanks Kontini for the latest update that supports sp3 rc2 v3311. Gotta try it tonight!
  4. thanks Rick for the fast reply, Ok now will try onepiece IE7 Out of topic question... Bytheway what is the most recommendable workflow? slimming with nlite after integrating all addons mention above resulting black clock etc in Sidebar can you confirm md5 hash for downloaded SP3 RC1 correct? mine : 7A958DD2BB1F4D80867C8D16EED9707B
  5. Is SP3 doing this or something else? Workflow :- MrNxDmX IE7, Boogy Integrated WMP11 and Ricks Windows Sidebar Last of all integrated this pack..
  6. Thanks Rick! This is the snapshot of my desktop Is it normal that only desktop icons changes ; not all my computer icons and no visual styles? I'm using winxp sp3 with sfc disabled uxtheme patched
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