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  1. At the moment "Morro" is under testing and is available only to a very few selected Microsoft employees but someone from the testing team has leaked 3 exclusive screenshots to Neowin. Sorce:-
  2. Ok Now it's time for Xptsp Black Edition Bootscreen. More Edition to come.
  3. Ok wiil send you the link for German Addon as soon as possible.
  4. Ok, i haved Worked more on Xptsp Green Edition Bootscreen. It tooked lot of time to come for the perfection in 16-colours. This bootscreen shown in preview will have the Quality of almost 95-98 % in real system boot aslo. Hope you will like it. More to come.
  5. Ooops, Sorry my mistake i didn't check while posting. I wrote Rtm but it's Rc version.
  6. Definitely Windows 7 is Excellent, I have installed Rtm version and it's very impressive with the new Superbar, Aerosnap, Aeropeak, and how smoothly it runs. Still final version is not released and yet so much good performances. Windows 7 Rocks.
  7. Ok, Here is Seond Bootscreen :- Any Suggestion For Improvements. It looks good while booting.
  8. I think this one would be better for you Xptsp Neon Blue Project.
  9. Good but, Since you are working on a Neon Blue theme project, I think there should be Neon Blue Task manager or Blue task manager.Don't you think.
  10. My Work for a new Bootscreen for Xptsp Green Edition. Hope you all will like it.
  11. Hard Luck for you. I was lucky because yesterday i took the part in survey.
  12. Ok, thanks for your reply, was little bit confused, Regarding Bootscreen good to know you liked it, Today i will try to make it same for Xtsp Greeen, Red, Purple, Red, Blue, Black edition, I hope if you liked it then would like to include in your Xptsp. It will be something new for Xtsp Edition. As i had already mentioned in the last post that it will not look fade or nasty in real system boot, Willl try my best to make as much clearer possible, Just want to know what should be the booting text, Either it should be "Starting Xptsp Xyz... Edition" or "Starting Xyz.. Edition". And also with reflected text or Simple.
  13. Microsoft is offering users a chance to win a free copy of Windows 7 Ultimate as well as a Windows 7 T-shirt.
  14. It's was just a try today i am going to make some more new Blue and other too bootscreens. I hope you will also like that. Don't Keep too much expectations, I am not too much good in Graphics, but will try my best. Hoping for good results. But in the end i can assure you all that in real system boot also it will look like in what you had seen in preview and will not look like nasty.
  15. What do you all think for this BootScreen for Xptsp Neon Blue... Sample 1 This is a Preview, i have also maded more bootscreens for Xtpsp Blue Edition. More Bootscreens to come. If liked Comments please for suggestion. Enjoy!!!
  16. Can't believe, Might be problem with your system as my friend is also running Microsoft Windows Server 2008. But thumbnails is working properly.
  17. Which one you want to download?
  18. Ok, Will try to make it something new but could you tell me which theme you would like in colured or simple as i already told you Windows xp has it's limitation for coloured bootscreens. If coloured i guess you would like to have in blue colour for Your Xptsp Neon Blue. Or Send you image file so i can create.
  19. It's good to know of problem solved of Logonui, Regarding Second query then yes it's possible to make a bootscreen for this image, But i thinks below image will be better in my opinion, and guess what i had already made a bootscreen for that. But remember it's important to know that it's look good in image preview but as you will boot in real both mine or your's bootscreen will look fade in colour, because Windows xp doesn't support too much coloured image, as it only supports 16 colours palette with 4 bit colour depth. I hope you got my point. Some of bootscreens made by me another, Here is another Bootscreen made by Vishal and it also looks great, and great thing is that it's look good in real system boot. So i think it will be much better, but if you like bootscreen with fade colours then you can also use bootscreen of your image. If needed i will try to make make Something like blue bootscreen for your Xptsp Neon Blue. Thanks.
  20. It's good but i think below one is much better. it's just my opinion. What do you think???
  21. It's definitely Windows 7, It's faster than any previous Os including Xpsp3. Having Some superb features than any other Os. Windows 7 Rocks!!!
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