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  1. I think we can make much better than that.Hope so
  2. Will try but can you tell me whether it should be image or in text mode or both.
  3. If it's working fine for you then why we are facing problem. I tried with all browsers but still it's not working for me.
  4. Nope i tried a minute ago to edit my post but no success, I tried all available browsers but no luck.
  5. I too can't believe it that i made that one which is almost similar to your request as i am not too much good in photoshop but trying to expert in that. If needed any kind of help in photoshop i will try to help you. It will be my pleasure.
  6. Sure You can have it in Png Format, If necessary can also provide in Psd Format.
  7. Thanks if you want i can make it in something glossy look and also in some different styles, But if you want this style i can also make for Md5 Mb and Kb.
  8. Thanks will try this and also hopes that this problem will get resolved soon.
  9. I will make it for you as it will be a pleasure for helping the person like you who help others in every possible way. I will try to give as much as the same look which you posted for Responder. I hope it will go with your forum. I will post the sampie Today only
  10. Don' know why but i am not able to use full editor option in my post, If i am clicking Edit Button it works but if i want to use full editor option it's not clicking and hence not able to modify the title of the post.
  11. Don't know if somebody might be aware of this or not but i thought to share it. Just think you are doing some important work and or downloading a huge file and its going to complete the download process but in between the Error Message Comes The System is shutting down, In that case what to do. Some times we need to stop some restart process quickly. In windows XP some times it gives auto restart warning and here is good solution for it. Stop A Restart Process In 3steps :- 1. Go to Start menu 2. Click on RUN 3. Enter the following command excluding hashcodes "shutdown -a" Simple but very useful when you don't want your pc to be started. Enjoy. :thumbsup_anim:
  12. Good to know that it worked for and Sure i will ask help if needed.


  14. Sorry for not being active in the forum (was too much busy), But still this project is alive and i will start working on it from today.
  15. I think i should also try making a new Autorun for windows xp, since windows 7 is in demand so i will make it with the windows 7 look with some new look with glass effect, new icons, reflection and some neon work. Soon i will make and will post the preview.
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  17. Not working for me as soon as i am stopping the capturing process it says error in creating avi.
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