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  1. has the translation project been abandon? Cause there are no updates,,btw, i saw an english translation of winstyle moonlight on a blog but its a ware site so i cant link anyone there.
  2. hi ricktendo64, the link is down. can you please re-upload it. thanks.
  3. Sorry for bothering you dougiefresh, just tried the latest xptsp gui in offline mode, I'm using the green theme but unfortunately an error came.. Here is the screenshot and the log. XPtsp.log.txt ,,BTW, some resources change but not all specially in shell32.dll...thanks in advance...
  4. thank you for response...just one more queston, i use the live system patcher but it doesn't patch all resources... how can i make it patch all the resources? can you give me some clear guide how to use the live system patcher... and another thing, cause i notice that when i patch my winxp cd the resources folder and some extras are in the i386 folder, should i delete it or leave it there? TIA
  5. does it patch the bootscreen? cause i don't see ntoskrnl inside the archive...TIA
  6. Hi nonno fabio, i just have some questions regarding your addon. First, is it ok to integrate them all in my windows xp cd, i mean if there will be a problem if a integarate them all? Second, is it compatible to use XPSP3_QFE_UpdatePack for Windows XP Post-SP3 by user_hidden along with your .net frameworks or will there be a conflict... Sorry for a noob question cause i really don't know what is QFE and GDR? another thing, is the .net 1.1 english or italian cause of ITA in it's name? Thank you in advance...
  7. really, i thought it will be installed in the setup,, so i guess it's ok to remove it.. thank you for the info..
  8. why can't i download the file? it says file does not exist...can you please provide a mirror..thank you..
  9. i have a winxp sp3 cd,,it has a .net framework on it, i guess it's .net v1.0,,,and i think it is there by default but i'm not so sure about that, correct me if i'm wrong... btw, i never bought it in ms,, i'm sure you know what i mean or where i did i get it. may i ask if the original winxp sp3 cd doesn't have a .net framework or a dotnet folder in it's directory...thank you...
  10. hi, i have a winxp cd with net framework on it,,my question is, it is ok to remove that net framework on my winxp cd cause i will later integrate onepiece update pack that has net framework or should i just leave it there? thank you...
  11. i just want to know...how can i check if sp3 already exist in my office 2003 cd...thanks in advance...
  12. hi to all the members,, i just want to request an antivirus addon,, an avast 5 or avira 10...thanks in advance...
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