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  1. yes today l checked it again and it appears in the updates , that is the general problem l think
  2. l made new win7 dvd and entegrate all of the hotfix than try it on virtual box , 3136000 appeared ,ı install it and than there was no problem with it ,it installed succesfully and no appear again on the list
  3. february hotfix came and there are somes about netframework , when will come the new slim pack ?
  4. how can we integrate the slim language pack to the full pack
  5. 923789 u unutmuşum flash player yaması
  6. 17 temmuz itibari ile sp3+ie8+wmp11
  7. İsimlerimiz aynı bu arada alperen ismi
  8. ie7 daha az ram harcıyor doğrudur ama ie7 de karşılaştığım problemlerin hi
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