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  1. Don't Worry, Give me your icon for Mozilla and i will make it for you.

    By the way since you are working with Neon Blue Xptsp, So you should use Blue firefox icon.That's my opinion.

    In my next post i will post two samples, Don't know you will like it or not.

    Ok Thank you very much MANIKANT :blush:

    You are a true friend and I'm a noob in this :passifier:

    here is the icon:you sent this and I like this icon


    And here is mine because I like both

    So can you make both :questionmark:

  2. Robi450, I had Started making Bootscreen for your favourite one "Salvation".

    This is My first try not perfect, right now working on it.

    Till then you can use it, As per your Pm message i am making a new one with Digital Text Effects.

    I hope you like this Sample 1.

    As i said this is not the final one, I am making six to eight sampes, so you wiil have a choice which one to use.

    So here I go with my First Sample :-


    salvationmani.pngOr Click ==>>salvation1.th.png

    More Samples to come., Till then


    THank you very much :beerchug:

  3. hi, extract firefox.exe with 7zip and then look in the folder named : "nonlocalized" you'll find firefox.exe. Open it with a resource editor and change the icons.

    all credit goes to man call Neuropass

    cheers james

    Yes I understand

    But after how can I make this an silent install :questionmark:

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