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  1. Greetings! I have made my own windows 7 mod and I thought I post a preview. What do you think guys?
  2. You are right! Controlled by UIFILE 110 (set up a new connection, connect to a network, choose homegroup and troubleshoot icons) So UIFILE 110 is right, as you see the preview. I managed to change from 24x24 to 32x32 or 48x48. I think UIFILE 111 is for "minimap" icons. I already edited but I can't do this to be 48x48. Here is the UIFILE 111 sample: (The original is: width="32rp" height="32rp but the modification it doesn't work) <style resid="minimap"><if class="navbutton"><button contentalign="middlecenter" font="gtf(CONTROLPANELSTYLE,4,0)" foreground="gtc(CONTROLPANELSTYLE, 4, 0, 3803)" width="48rp" height="48rp"/><if keyfocused="true"><button contentalign="middlecenter|focusrect"/> And in Vista it looks completely different:<stylesheets> <style resid="minimap" > <if class="navbutton" > <button font="gtf(CONTROLPANELSTYLE,CPANEL_CONTENTPANELABEL,0)" foreground="gtc(CONTROLPANELSTYLE, CPANEL_CONTENTPANELABEL, 0, TMT_TEXTCOLOR)" contentalign="middlecenter" /> <if keyfocused="true" > <button contentalign="middlecenter|focusrect" /> So there must be a way to do this properly, but I can't figure out how can I do this at the moment..
  3. Greetings! I have started to mod netcenter.dll. My goal is to achieve icon size as vista. Although, I have some difficulties.. I managed to edit some of them to 48x48 (netcenter.dll - UIFILE 110) but my network "minimap" icons are still 32x32. I can't figure out how do I resize it to 48x48. (as vista network and sharing center) I would appreciate it so much if someone can help me.
  4. Hi guys I have a Windows 7 project and I would like to change the user account frame in the user accounts but I can't figure out where is the location of the system file. I'd like to know where is the location this user frame? Any help would be appreciated. Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  5. Thanks for your help. :thumbsup_anim: It was codec problem. Now I can open any video folder.
  6. Hi guys I'm using Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit When I open my Video folder , my CPU usage goes to 99-100%. Task manager indicates Explorer.exe is the process using 99% of this. It remans 99-100% until I close explorer.exe and after I restart. I don't know why Exporer.exe would suddenly start using all my system resources when I open a video folder. :confused02: After I read maybe the problem is FLV video... Any ideas?
  7. Great application :thumbsup_anim: But I have a question. Why I cannot pin to taskbar (the installed programs from the control panel)?
  8. Yeah that was so fast. :thumbsup_anim: I will test it.
  9. Thanks your answer Yes I thought the problem probably is explorer.exe.
  10. Hi Fixit Thanks your work. But I've a problem with shell32.dll because I cannot replace. Don't know why :g: (of course I used take ownership) Btw: Is there any way to add system files (for example: shell32.dll, task manager etc) to win7? I mean like Xptsp. This was just an idea but it would be cool.
  11. Yes I think too. So my opinion is the vista or seven battery icon better.
  12. Ok but you can get it from here: http://www.askvg.com/add-take-ownership-option-in-file-folder-context-menu-in-windows-vista/
  13. Yes I close all running program and even reboot,but nothing. But when I add Vishal reg file It's worked without reboot.
  14. I don't know why but your take ownership.reg file is not working for me. :g: But when I add Vishal Take ownership.reg is working.
  15. Yes it would be good to look like XPtsp. Thank you
  16. I like them and a good idea. But is there a way to look like winxp Blue task manager? I mean CPU and Memory usage bmp.
  17. Hi I'm found on My link animated wmw.file I think these could be good for intro. And the file size it's about 1.5 mb Vista Comets: And Vista Lights:
  18. Yeah finally done it :thumbsup_anim: Thank you
  19. OK I'm found it but after I can't replace the code.
  20. Is it possible to do with shell32.dll.res? Anyway I don't know where is located these codes. :confused02: I used hex editor. I know these codes located in shell32.dll - dialog 1080 and 1081
  21. I think you should edit browseui.dll with reshacker. :g:
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