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  1. Somebody help me. How can I add new cursors to user32.dll.Because the cursor.ani not support. IS IT POSSIBLE.So how can I add animated cursors?
  2. Thank You for your answer Fixit.("in hungarian") And here some security icon. security icon
  3. I like the blue XPtsp batch. :thumbsup_anim: But I think the icons are very old.Here is my Blue icon pack.I THINK THE BLUE XPTSP BATCH IS MUCH BETTER OF THESE ICONS. Sorry my english language not so good,because I'm hungarian. BLUE ICON PACk
  4. :worthy: This very nice.Good job.Well done and I will try it. But I don't understand it what is Green pack? Also all 3 packs are updated: "Green, Blue and Purple" (including NL versions)
  5. I try this and the blue version is amazing. :thumbsup_anim: Good job. But There is one mistake for me:THE END OF THE SETUP I GET UTIL.EXE ERROR. PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME WHAT'S WRONG. :g:
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