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  1. A big thanks to help me: Manikant, Fixit, Bober, Dougiefresh, and for testing to sTOn3r XPtsp Neon Blue !!UNDER CONSTRUCTION!! File:XPtsp Neon Blue BETA 1 md5:-453f2afba34b63ca9be7b989bf909b89 Size:- 76,7mb
  2. Hi wolfcall This fantastic :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: :thumbsup_anim: Could you share these?
  3. Hi everyone. I made a mod for oem info generator orb. Oemlogo.bmp oemlogo.bmp
  4. Hi Fixit. I'm tested the blue xptsp with explorer 8 support and it works perfect me. :thumbsup_anim:
  5. Hi Fixit And one more question. This support OnePiece_IE8_WinXPSP3_v1.0.1_AddOn_ENU.7z or only the true addon. Or this is the same? I don't know but I'll try it soon.
  6. Hi Fixit The Xptsp blue not support Internet Explorer 8. So could you fix this problem :questionmark:
  7. Hi Amirz Yeah I know it could be much easier. But I'd like to make my own Windows xp with Xptsp blue.
  8. Hello everyone. I try to change with Reshacker the Logonui.exe.res (logon screen) Winntbbu.dll.res (Windows setup screen) bootscr.res (Boot screen) :notworking: for me. These files are countain: Xptsp batch So if somebody :help: me I'm very happy :worthy:
  9. :help: :please: I'd like to change the LOGONUI.exe.res (Logon screen)WINNTBBU.DLL.RES(Windows Setup screen) and NTOSKRNL(Boot screen)
  10. Another part of the setup.exe. http://www.easy-share.com/1903971523/setup.exe
  11. HI GUYS. I THINK THIS MORE STYLIS. Here is another I have found. CLEAR DIAMOND WINDOWS MEDIA PLAYER 11 http://www.easy-share.com/1903960124/Clear...P_by_XceNiK.rar PLEASE PUT THIS TO VOTE TOO
  12. Hi bober The last month amnesia is intoduce some new bmps.I think these ar very nice. So what about the new bmps.Will be avaiable soon? Or it will be a new realise.
  13. Hi I made a setup.exe mod for the blue xptsp. Watch this good or not.This is my first try. XPTSP BLUE SETUP.EXE MOD
  14. Thank you very much mona :thumbsup_anim: It works now.
  15. Hi I try to make a new setup.exe in extra folder name. And the setup.exe is 7zip sfx format. So I dont know how can I add again the unpacked files. :confused02: don't work for me :g: :help:
  16. Hi Amnesia. What about the new bmp-s :questionmark: I can't wait a long time :sad01_anim: :crying_anim02:
  17. And one more question.I tried to repleace new icons the control panel.But I dont know where are the network connections,and the regional and language options,Ms timezone,and the automatic updates.
  18. Hi everyone. I'm tested yesterday the xptsp blue 1.0 and works fine. :thumbsup_anim: Thanks Fixit.Well done.Good job. :icon_cool:
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