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  1. Thanks for instant respond... you saved me maybe a lot of time testing in pour hardware pcs. Thanks also for fixing previously toolkit for larger DPI view. Now I can see all text in 125% view.
  2. If I enter a command for each user created to run from runonce what I should do? If I use wim registry editor and load "users\default\ntuser.dat" and add my command to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\WIM_Default\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnce Will it run every time a user is created? I Know that I could test but I'm in hurry to reinstall windows 7 in 3 Pc home network before my trip there ends.... And I'm not that familiar with 7. That is something I would have done in the same case for XP. Also I cannot figure how does the changes been saved? If I close registry editor and save the image will these just be saved?
  3. Ok thank you. I've just checked everything I know of. I have to search deeper then to find it thanks a lot and sorry if I bothered you with a silly question.
  4. Did you change by mistake in the luna.theme file the default background image path? I get wrong path to the default image.. [Control Panel\Desktop] Wallpaper=%WinDir%web\wallpaper\Bliss.bmp Maybe it is my mistake but I've already checked the files coming from me and I thought that maybe something wrong from update pack..
  5. Hello I'm trying to run this batch file using wpi but it seems that wpi don't wait to end installation(it closes cmd window after a few seconds): @echo off echo Installing Windows Live Messanger 2011 only for %%a in (*.exe) do "%%a" /q /NOToolbarCEIP /NOhomepage /Nolaunch /nosearch /AppSelect:Messenger What I tried so far is: {START} cmd /c "%wpipath%\Install\WLE\Runexe.bat" {START} "%wpipath%\Install\WLE\Runexe.bat" with or withought quotes I'm trying to make simple the windows installation and updating application process for everyone. Using "for" command unexperienced users does not have to edit the silent swiches and parameters. All they have to do is to download newer installer then delete the older. Please help me...
  6. Does "All in one integrator" skip already integrated updates to offline image? Also can you make this program work better at larger DPI view ? (I'm using 125% larger because my vaio is 1920x1080 in 17,8inch monitor!!!) Forgive me if my spelling is bad...
  7. Is the link below for win 7 x64? x64 link The one in the topic start does not work...
  8. Take a look at this: User Folders - Moving User Folders by Modular Script (Windows seven forums) It is good for a live system. Every new user personal folders are moving in your new specified location. You have to edit the new location of folders... It is simple enough if you are interested just read the instructions. However it might not cover your demands for other system folders... I hope that there is a way to add this to windows 7 toolkit, with options to specify a default drive letter or path, with the ability to change it during installation because it is not the same hardware or available drive in all pc's.
  9. The component removal is permanent or these can be re - added in add/remove components windows menu after installation?
  10. I used this tool many times... I have to say that you made great effort, it completely replaces the waik commands line that really sucks, maybe the tools depends on them but these alone are really too much wasting of time(to find the correct command for our actions and type correct parameters and all over again next time) next to this windows interfaced tool. I appreciate your work too much. Now if you like to add more please: My suggestion is to add more options to unattended creator like "copyprofile" that really helps especially if someone updated his images online for some reason.
  11. Well I spend my whole afternoon to create my perfect dual layer DVD for both my win 7 PC's but I did not make it.. My problem is that the original's DVD wim structure is: And if I delete ei.cfg (and keep only Ultimate & home premium clg files will that work???)I'll get the perfect DVD which installs Home premium in my laptop & ultimate at my desktop I guess... But after updating the image with latest updates I get this structure which means only ultimate...(Tested) Before I try something that would keep me awake can you tell me please: If I make a home premium wim also how do I compress them in the same wim? OR I should in first place use this command: Integrate MSU/CAB updates DISM /Add-Package /Image:<dir>:\<mounted_image_path> /PackagePath:<dir>:\<folder_with_updates>
  12. Hello again I'm trying to remake my images again... I have some questions: Is it neccesary to have windows installed in a different partition instead of virtual disk drive? If I can use one, can I remove files (the 'boot' folder and others) by mounting only the virtual disk drive as a logical drive and continue the whole process? I know that it is explained in the video but I'm missing something because I can't understand well English speech.
  13. Yeah that's true I thought that it was my new i5 laptop . Thanks for instant responce.
  14. Do you mean that if I install the updates in the images i need (I need only ultimate and home premium the version I bought and the one came with my laptop) maybe I get not much larger image?
  15. I do not remember what I did exactly but I've tried with rt seven lite and tried to integrate all updates of sp1 and driverpacks. The iso size was 4.61gb Thank you I'm checking them now. Edit: Forgot to ask... Using these scripts for all official driverpacks and windows sp1 updates will iso fit in a dvd-5?
  16. Thanks for your videos, it is big help for me. What I can't understand is there any way to integrate windows updates for all versions (from starter to ultimate) without getting too large images, or not use no images at all? Like we did in windows XP?
  17. That's old I know which utility is that? the link does not work...
  18. Does anyone has a media center 2005 icon, something like 256x256 size good enough to work with rocketdock?
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