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  1. I want to create a second partition in the image I'm creating. I want to add an drive with E letter in vmware and it will contain the windows personal folders some files and also move temp folder, index files & folders, chrome and firefox tempfolders etc. I want it to be pre-optimized for maximum life for a SSD. When I capture the image what will happen? Assuming I will select for my C drive the SSD (and leave my current C on the HDD for dual boot) .... 1.Is it going to install properly creating also the E drive with all above? 2.Is it going to select my current E drive? 3.Is it possible
  2. Hello Ricktendo I cannot download the slim installer with the LP included. It fails at the end of the download procedure.. I've tried many times... Is something wrong with the file? Edit: Eset blocks it!!! is it because of the smaller size? who knows...
  3. I need your help again.... It seems like imagex is capturing the "boot" folder too. I cannot understand why!! I've only installed windows updates nothing more! What can I do now? I have to remake the image again or just delete this specific folder before I re-capture it? Did I skip a step? I watched the entire video again but I cannot understand how do you prevent this...
  4. Yes imagex yes I confused them, thanks for the answers.
  5. Vmware can mount the virtual disks it creates (vmdk ?) into the host system and give it a drive letter in order to work as a normal disk. I was wondering if it causing technical issues or something, capturing from a mounted vmware virtual disk. If you haven't tried I'll give it a try and I'll let you know. Also dism commands require "waik" to be installed or just the dism(.exe ?) file like some applications do?
  6. Is it possible to capture image from a mounted to the main system, a vmware hard drive file? (I mean instead from a VHD)
  7. I've tried to search and I end up in this: http://windows-update-checker.com/ for KUC.
  8. I think that it is a cool topic and he/she needs somewhere to start. My main problem when I've tried was that I had many bugs It took me so much time and I could not resolve anything. I've started searching again today and there are my conclusions that I keep if I test again. These are in slimmed down windows that worked better than mine: Components to keep: Accessories: - Accessibility - Character Map - Disk Cleanup - Game Explorer - Mobility Center - Notepad - Paint - Snipping Tool - System Information - Welcome Center - Windows Gadgets - Wordpad Drivers: - Modems - QLogic Fibre Chan
  9. You mean that you're adding some extras that windows can "survive" without and windows update does not provide them in suggested and optional updates. Is that right? I've tried also to find an explanation for each folder but I can't find it. Is there one, do I have to search more? Anyway thank you.
  10. I want to ask about McRips's updates. It creates these folders in additional folder: I leave out "old" (If I get it right they are replaced updates) I add IE10 and leave out the IE 10 releace preview. And ALL updates in the root uppdates directory. My problem is that I'm still asked to download updates when installation is finished. (The last time I had all latest updates, I checked that these were not office updates) Can anyone tell me if I leave outside something important?
  11. Sorry Guys Just figured it out (LP = language packs). I got confused... That happens when you are sitting hours in my old crt to fix my old pc :type: The editing worked right at first try. It's not that difficult... Thank you Ricktendo nice work again!!!
  12. What is happening with the language packs? How do I run silently(can I have progress bar?) What's the role of the folder? Does it have to be along with the installers?
  13. Thanks a lot for quick response. Forgot to ask... Does this runs silently with original switches?
  14. Hello Rick, can you add greek language (el-GR) too?
  15. What should I type to unattended creator in order to get fully auto installation? I need random computer name company and username. Will an * be enough?
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