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  1. I have worked with v1.4.1.16 and still have it on my hdd ( cause I'm collecting all versions of WinToolkit ) and I can tell you, that there was ( and is ) no virus inside.
  2. No personal attack, but why are people asking this question ? A average HDD read/writes about 100 MB/s. A good SSD read/writes about 500 MB/s. ...and no one asks, if a SSD is faster than a HDD, but... A average DDR3 (1600MHz) with 9-9-9-27 timings read/writes about 15000 MB/s So why are there so many users asking, if a RAMDRIVE is faster than a SSD, or if it can make any sense using it ? :g:
  3. Normally I would commit your statement, but "this" wheel has a lot of rough edges and when it is possible to make the wheel round again, this would be more than nice !
  4. I'm sorry Lego, but the speed with /ScratchDir ( v1.4.1.9 ) is a little bit slower than before. I tested this way: Ramdrive and SSD and WinToolkit Win Toolkit Options – Main (my changes) Error Logging OFF Mount Logging OFF Registry Logging OFF Win Toolkit Options – Misc (my changes) Win Toolkit Temp Folder (RAM 1GB T:\Temp) Win Toolkit Mount Folder (RAM 20GB M:\Mount) ‘Update Catalog‘ Download Folder (RAM M:\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64) Using Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (X17-59885.iso unpacked on SSD C:\w7iso) Downloading McRip Windows 7 x64 Updates (20
  5. caphp

    Update Catalog

    Thiersee is right. The IE9 exe can be directly integrated in the update section. You dont need the msu file
  6. caphp

    Update Catalog

    Hi Falo, a far as I understood the update mechanism, every month there are a couple of new updates, and there are updates, which are newer versions of existing updates. These (old) existing versions will be moved to the "Old" folder and the new version is copied to your McRip folder. Cause the updates in the "Old" folder are really old, they might can be deleted, but I haven't done it so far. I can test it this evening... Sorry, but I'm not sure about your point 2. Maybe I can test this in the next days... but maybe your problem is solved, when you download IE9 directly in swedish ?
  7. Maybe I have to explain, what Wintoolkit meens to me... It's not so important for me, to generate a w7 image, install it and use it for a couple of years. If this is my intention, I will maybe download the tool every 2 or 3 years, use it ... and he ( me ) will never be seen in the next years. I love to work with the tool and I love the several ways of modifikation it overs me. It's my hobby to test nearly every version, build new install.wim's and test the installation under a VM. So to me, the possible speedup with a ramdrive is a very important thing, because it offers me many new testings
  8. @Stimpy & Kelsenellenelvian I think you're right. I havn't think about, that there are new dism files and several new toolkit versions. @Kelsenellenelvian OK, speed is not the most important thing, but when I have no problems in a specific toolkit version and all works fine, which method should I choose to go there ... the one with 45 minutes waiting, or the one with 15 minutes ?
  9. By the way… here are my last two configurations, if someone likes testing too… 1.) no ramdrive, only using ssd Win Toolkit Options – Main (my changes) Error Logging OFF Mount Logging OFF Registry Logging OFF Win Toolkit Options – Misc (my changes) Win Toolkit Temp Folder (SSD C:\Windows\TEMP\WinToolkit) Win Toolkit Mount Folder (SSD C:\Mount) ‘Update Catalog‘ Download Folder (SSD C:\WinToolkit141-8\Updates\McRip Windows 7 x64) Using Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (X17-59885.iso unpacked on SSD C:\w7iso_unpacked) Downloading McRip Windows 7 x64 Updates (2013/01), 384 *.msu f
  10. @Stimpy I'm using a Intel i7 @ 4 GHz, 24GB and a small Crucial M4 with 128GB. When addin 384 Updates from McRip in w7x64sp1 iso with AIO method (WinToolkit, it lasts 46m15s. Nearly half a year ago (older WinToolkit Version), I added over 400 Updates, nearly 15 Programms and a couple of drivers, and I used a ramdrive and it takes only 14 minutes ! But... I can not remember my configurations :-( I don't know, what exacly I had done to reach this result :-( Since then I try to config the ramdrive in several ways ( 18GB for mounting, 2GB for temp, 1GB for updates / 17GB for mounting
  11. After so many weeks of endless waiting ... I have too ask ... when will Win Toolkit v1.5 be released ? It would give me great pleasure to start testing again with the new version ! Thanks for you good work so far Legolash2o.
  12. Ah ok, maybe Legolash2o can take a look at it over again.
  13. Hi Thiersee, try v35. Works fine for me so far. cu
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