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  1. Thanks :D I've analysed the program and found out what it changes so W7T will be able to make the modifications without the hack program. Some questions...

    Does it remove it from add/remove features?

    Does it decrease the image size? (similar to vlite)

    You know W7T stores settings in the text file (settings.txt), how would you feel about it storing the settings in the registry or do you prefer it to be more portable? (keeping the settings file)

    No it does not make installation smaller. It removes package just like disabling it through wim. Nothing else.

  2. there is a problem with unattended setup.Inside computer name. when you write a computer name for ex. Jatin Beniwal. it cannot automatically removes space between Jatin Beniwal that must be JatinBeniwal otherwise setup fails. I like the idea to store database on sql server. so no more jet database dependency. Also it does not able to detect turned on features when feature manager wim

  3. I need to urgently purchase a Cpu and a cheap motherboard. Total Budget is 10K in which i have to purchase ram also. Can someone please suggest a good CPU having virtualisation technology. No matter whether its Intel or AMD. But it should be under 10K with 2GB ram at least.

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