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  1. Truncate log file in Sql Server 20o8 R2 Datacenter edition ? MY databases are SunCityH2006_data & SunCityH2006_log
  2. Need a Motherboard for E5700 CPU that run DD3 at 1333 mhz. Currently buy a new motherboard ASUS P5G41T-M LX3 but it runs ddr3 at 800mhz only. Please help?
  3. unable to download invalid or deleted link.
  4. I want to delete record no 28-30 completely from access database attached below. Please help. Its an urgency.IFC database Heavy.7z
  5. Also made something that remove junk files replaced by sp1. I mean pre SP1 files that are updated by SP1 to save disk space in iso.
  6. Wndows 7 Sp1 RC Released Officially. Although you required genuine windows validation to download it. A massive 624 hotfixes included in Sp1 RC till now. List of hotfixes file are attached below with description. Hotfixes and Security Updates included in Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate.7z
  7. It can be integrated through RT7Lite Customizer RT7lite x86 Rt7Lite x64
  8. Use Windows7manager from yamicsoft. thats the best one.
  9. No it does not make installation smaller. It removes package just like disabling it through wim. Nothing else.
  10. ok when u r offline. it says unable to connect to wimcert instead of wincert
  11. there is a problem with unattended setup.Inside computer name. when you write a computer name for ex. Jatin Beniwal. it cannot automatically removes space between Jatin Beniwal that must be JatinBeniwal otherwise setup fails. I like the idea to store database on sql server. so no more jet database dependency. Also it does not able to detect turned on features when feature manager wim
  12. I am waiting very eagerly for it so that I can made component removal addons for it.
  13. I am purchasing from India I think of This BoardAsrock Board cost 80 USD to me AMD Athlon II X4 635 processor 95 usd 2.9 GHZ overclocked to about 4.5GHZ easily.
  14. I need to urgently purchase a Cpu and a cheap motherboard. Total Budget is 10K in which i have to purchase ram also. Can someone please suggest a good CPU having virtualisation technology. No matter whether its Intel or AMD. But it should be under 10K with 2GB ram at least.
  15. IPhone 4 this is the best phone in market till date having amazing speed and crystal clear display. Iphone have 200% better performance over iphone 3gs
  16. when i try to add updates.then go to previously integrated updates tab and back to integrate updates tab it hangs.
  17. I got following error with black and green theme. not tried other themes.
  18. remove speech support, languages, media centre, natural language and tablet pc. it significantly reduce the size of wim.
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