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  1. thanks a lot i think i will be able to make both thing work.. greetings
  2. Hi there.. here its the file, compressed in rar... pd: about the logoff.. i was wondering if its posible to manually patch shell32.dll i mean, after i got my winxp iso ready (after xpize and nlite).. i search for shell32.dl_ transforme it to full dll and then modify it to add the pics (i got them from xpize darkside source).. and then transforme the file back tu .dl_ i know that resource hacker will do the job of editing the dll... but i dont know how to transforme .dl_ to .dll and viceversa... hope its clear... my english sucks.. mmm, also.. the logoff its just on shell32.dll or some part are also present on msgina.dll? greetings.. msgina.rar
  3. hi there... great forum, got almost anything i want.. just missing and addon for xpize darkside shutdown & logoff screens... i really just want black stuff xD emm.. just hoping greetings..
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