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  1. Ricktendo, Unfortunately youtube is completely banned in my country. :doh: Alternatives are Vimeo, Dailymotion or download links. Another guy on RyanVM forum http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=10240 told me about Win Toolkit. What is the difference between these two ? Win Toolkit DX WinNT6.x True Integrator
  2. Hello. I am an old user of Nlite & RyanVM's Integrator for Windows XP but i never customize Windows 7. I did not any guideline or tutorial for new user on How to Integrate windows Updates, hotfix into windows 7 source disk. Can anyone please tell me which tool is easy and best for integrating updates like (windows 7 hotfix rollup, dotnet framework 4.5 and Internet Explorer 10) etc I just want to create Windows 7 32bit and 64bit AIO updated disk. Please help.
  3. Can anyone tell me how to unlock LUNA style in default Windows XP theme. I don't want to integrate a new theme other than default XP theme. Default XP theme comes with three styles. A replacement of default XP theme including luna will be fine. Blue (Default) Green Silver Luna {I want to make this style default with fedora inverse cursors and Energy Bliss wallpaper} Please help me.
  4. I have used both Acronis True Image and Norton Ghost for making Windows Images. Can any one knows a method by which we can make an Auto executeable Windows Restore CD/DVD.
  5. You are super quick... :giveheart: Thanks. :thumbsup_anim:
  6. Thanks, It is one of my favorite program. Does this addon packed with Plugins ?
  7. Link is Dead. Please reupload this addon. Tweakui has options to disable autoplay USB /Other drives.
  8. Nice Addon.... Instead of launching themes from TT.EXE, is there a way to load transparent themes from display properties Themes Tab like normal XP Themes.
  9. I just First Integrated XP SP3 5512 + IE Explorer 7 ( Working fine)
  10. Oops... It was 2.66MB actually. Sorry but I did not get permission yet...! But I have seen these type of things in the past. It is for those people using Xpize. You can remove this post if it goes against the site rules.
  11. Windows Media Centre Logon. Super Tweaked...!! This Addon is based on Ricks Media Center Addon. http://www.wincert.net/forum/index.php?sho...t=0&start=0 As we know that heavy file size takes more RAM resources. What I did was installed Xpize to get Logonui.exe file... File Size = 2.66 MB repatch LogonUI with some Gfx modifications and get it reduced to 378kb which is less than Original Microsoft LogonUI.exe 502 kb. So this Addon takes less amount of RAM at windows starting than others... Xpize Screen Saver include in this Addon. Download. Khanz_XpizeLogon_AddOn_SP3_512 315E9EF5810C3E3D37689367DCA44B9A
  12. Vista Icons Patched for (Paint, Calculator Plus, Notepad). Paint Tool Box Patched with Vista images. Another Microsoft version of Calculator called Calculator Plus will replace the silly XP Calculator... It has some really cool functions....!! Download. Khanz_Paint_calcPlus_notepad_Addon http://rapidshare.com/files/112094381/Khanz_Paint_calcPlus_notepad_Addon.rar.html MD5 Hash. 7CDB023587533015C4FC02AD1D18A2F4
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