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  1. That's just a name. NP2 "RC4" is more stable and polished than the "final" versions of most other programs...
  2. The x86 and x64 registry entries should be the same.
  3. The official installer contains both a x86 and x64 version, so if someone wants to make a x64 version of the addon, they can.
  4. You'll probably want to register this with the flag set to 2 so that the file type associations get registered properly...
  5. But why do you want a "true" addon? What benefit were you hoping to get from that? Benefits of SVCPACK addon for DX runtimes: * Smaller * No post-install residual INF * Easier to make and maintain * Can be used on live systems Benefits of true addon for DX runtimes: ?????? "True" addons can sometimes have benefits (e.g., if your addon replaces system files), but this is not one of those cases...
  6. actforu++ Whether you have lots of memory or very little memory, minimem will not help, and it will actually hurt performance. The system memory manager already does a good job of paging out pages as necessary whenever there is memory pressure. And if an entire contiguous page has "leaked", then it will remain paged out since it will be unreferenced. Basically, the memory manager already does what this app purports to do. Except that the memory manager does a better, more efficient job of it. Paging memory out and paging memory in are both very expensive operations. So you should page out only when you have to (why is there a performance penalty for too little memory? because you are forced to page in and out more). Aggressively, indiscriminately paging out (vs. paging out only when necessary, as the system memory manger does) will not accomplish anything except *increase* the number of times you page out and page back in, and that will only hurt performance, no matter how little or how much memory you have. The only solution to memory leaks is to fix the bugs that cause them; there is no magic silver bullet like what minimem claims to be.
  7. I used to do a single big addon for my personal use, and it was a pain to manage. This was before I discovered the switchless installer religion. Now with the exception of the C runtimes (since it's nice to have them installed during text setup so that they're usable at T-39, I use switchless installers exclusively for personal use (I even install things like WGAV and the Royale theme using switchless installers); my integrations involve a couple dozen switchless installers. It's just sooooooo much easier to maintain (esp. if you automate the tedious parts with batch files). And they're all custom INF-based (instead of just taking an official installer and wrapping it) so that I can customize and streamline them. The one potential downside is the overhead cost of the installer. With 7z installers, I incur a 50KB overhead cost of the setup stub (and that is if I UPX the stub), but for big addons, the extra compression from 7z usually make up for that. For small installers like my silent-only Notepad2 installer, it's possible to use a lighter cab-based setup stub (with an overhead disk footprint ranging from 4 to 6KB, no UPX needed). Anyway, it's something to consider if you are looking to reduce the maintenance effort. You can still make it an "uber pack" by packing all the installers into a single 7z download with an entries.ini file that adds all of them to the install. So that you get the best of all worlds: easy maintainability of switchless, single-download convenience of an "uber pack", and easy customization for those who want to customize (anybody can unzip a 7z, delete a line from entries.ini, and rezip the 7z). PS: It's 3.1.21, not 3.0.21
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