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  1. It remains for me that the problem of deleting quick launch, the rest is solved. My new file. Inf http://pastebin.com/m71d61ef0 SIW.inf and the file is not deleted from C:\Windows\Inf
  2. Excuse me but I do not understand your sentence ... ProfileItems = Desktop.AddShorcut and ProfileItems = Desktop.delAddShorcut does not work if you try to understand?
  3. where ? I don't understand... I have no problem with Desktop.AddShorcut but only with QuickLaunch.delAddShorcut
  4. EndPrompt =EndUnInsPrompt > [EndUnInsPrompt] Prompt = %EndUnInsPrompt% > EndUnInsPrompt = "SIW a
  5. okay also : [QuickLaunch.AddShorcut]Name =SIW,0x00000008,26 CmdLine =16422,SIW,SIW.exe Subdir =%SIW_SUPP_DIR% InfoTip =SIW Ultimate
  6. Hello all, edit : The installation goes well but the uninstallation problem... My inf : http://pastebin.com/m5496a81 The icon in the Quick Launch toolbar is not removed and files (README and website) located in %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Start Menu\Programs\My_Prog\, is not deleted. Yet the file was in C:\Program Files has been deleted thanks for help Sorry if my English is bad, I'm french.
  7. Jonnyboy is dead ? :crying_anim02:
  8. Hi all, I can not find or is "me when this connection so ..." in the BDR or which refers ... I find the description: Citation "@ netcfgx.dll, -50002" = "Allows your computer to access the resources of a Microsoft network." but after ? : s I want to make sure that the "me when this connection so ..." is unchecked at first startup and the first tick at the same time ... I found a lot of thing but I block the activation file sharing and the definition of the working group ... if someone would have the solution for 1 week because I tore me hair on it and nothing works: s Network connections can be accessed in batch ? (I would rename the Local Area Connection in eth0 via a bat ...) thank you
  9. Hello, thanks for this tutorial. I have a small problem and I started ... In C: \ Documents and Settings \ All Users \ Start Menu \ Programs \ WinMerge In the properties of readme, I have this: http://img410.imageshack.us/img410/884/errormra.jpg in place of %systemroot%\system32\shell32.dll So how to do this step: thanks you very much. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french.
  10. Hello, Kal_AttributeChanger_ENU_FRA_Addon_1.0.0.CAB > links is dead
  11. Hello, thanks but the application remains blocked on the file. cab and before that, he said InfAssistant.hta that the file was not found in G:\unattended\Jonnyboys_INF_Assistant_v0.23\Inf I accept to error... see you my screenshot : I gave all permissions possible. I create the folder and copy the inf file. Hta giving all permissions but the error persists. thanks for help
  12. Hello, how to change the path of the user profile? The installation is based on firefox installed on my system but on my personal XP, the user is not the same ... how to change this once created the addon please ? thanks for answer. Sorry for my bad english, I'm french
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