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  1. I add some screenshots how the process goes:
  2. Hi, I think this is one of the best tools for people who are not very good at resizing images with big programs like photoshop and etc.. http://avatars.qkype.com/ You simply upload your picture, choose avatar size and select from which part of the picture to crop and make avatar from Very fast and easy. Tell me if you like it?
  3. The cheapest and best domain registrar is probably goddady: www.godaddy.com , search google a bit you will see what i am talking about:) And if you want fast hosting, choose - hostgator, www.hostgator.com . Hostgator has all unlimited stuff and speed is very nice. Search google for reviews, u will see!
  4. This one is better - http://ip.uzeik.net/pr/ Much simplier and faster
  5. I am allways for open source! Open office ftw! It is totally free and even greater than MS office. Open source products are about to beat paid ones and that is great
  6. This is a cool wallpaper site: http://www.wallpapersin.com/ . I like it because it offers only top quality pictures :thumbsup_anim:
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