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  1. I have downloaded all the files with much dificulty.After install the sidebar is very good.After a reboot i got a error massege of v..dll missing reinstall the application.After reinstall the same error was shown.Will you please help me.The side bar is excellant.Thanks again.
  2. There are two ways to deal with the problem.One way is to take leagal action for violation of copyright by issuing a notice to his service provider holding liable both civil and criminal liabilities and advicing the service prov to delete the banner immediatly no sooner from date of receipt of notice or for a suit for heavy damages.A criminal prosecution also will ensue. The other way is known to you as a software pundit.Use sod< attack to deter the fellows.
  3. That;s a good tip thanks
  4. (He's also stealing preety much everything but I don't understand his stupidity by stealing MSFN Hosting banner. I've checked with my hosting provider and that guy doesn't have hosting there, so wtf ? Why did he put MSFN hosting affiliate banner if he's hosted in another company) He is violating rules and also steal trademark.He is trying to atract visitors of more ads as he has only 45 members.He is a thief alright.The first one's intentions are diferent.But both of them should not be spared.
  5. NIK he is certified MS felon and is mighty curious of xp turning to vista?
  6. Attach virus files in photoimages or mallware to spread on his site .It seems he was doing the same from other sites.
  7. I am 48 from Andhra Pradesh,India.Attorney
  8. You gave a great name for the proggie.Thanks
  9. Zillion thanks ricktendo64 it worked fine.But why copy settings.ini and repack.
  10. Zillion thanks ricktendo64 it worked fine.But why copy settings.ini and repack.
  11. Sir i am a noob i request you to how i can Install the AddOn manually
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