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  1. i want to delete thrash in win 8 like nlite.I request the kind members to suggest a way out.
  2. My sincere Apologies NIk.
  3. I have donated 5$ to your site without any privileges.I have not received any ack though as a member from a long time.You want only rich people to donate more money.Is'nt it.There is no appreciation.
  4. No it will not activate.Before activation the size of the file is about 2kb and after activation about 14kb.There are some programs which will back up and suggest restoration ib safe mode.Even then it won't work.I have tried several times and could not succeed.
  5. May the whole world be happy. May all the people be happy. May all forms of life be happy.

  6. Hello to the members of the forum

  7. I have installed sata drive in my computer.The drivers are not found in the intel site .Requested to prvide link to download drivers.
  8. Keepass is free and most effective.
  9. I dont know MSI in orca or "LaunchCondition",The message displayed is to install on xp sp2 or higher.
  10. I will upload last session .in file file from vlite.Include that in your vlite and after completion vlite you can install from harddrive,
  11. Thanks PUGALENTHI i have succesfully applied the logon screen
  12. That's a best post for us less mortals who want to upgrade to sata drives instead of spending a few more thousands on the comp.Thanks again admin for the nice post.
  13. I have nlited windows home xp sp3.After installation i have tried to install kaspersky it says that it needs sp2 or sp3.I dont want to format the drive and install afresh.Requested help from the members of the forum.
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