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  1. Dam!.have you not thought about having a spare harddrive around!!!!
  2. Shame if microsoft dont release sp2, they OWE it to the customers of wn 7!
  3. Why would it be ilegal! it free to download anyway the updates are free, and the released iso' (updated) would also be a Securty Issue benifit as well with all the latest Securty updates for that time period! If wincert do this ill certanly contribute, once i sell the wife to the highest bidder. Its a fantastic idea! The only other thing is what options wll we have regarding who we download from! Best o luck on this! h one other thing, f this is for sbscribers only, how can every user in the world download it! To quote "The only reason we want it to be for subscribers only is so that every user in the world can download it and then crash the server."
  4. Im i going nuts or is there infact 340 odd new updates today, using the new Win Toolkit
  5. Ffing w,kers somebodys probably jelous!
  6. I completed sniper Elite v2 in 3D! its good but the movemet is now like playig a ps3 or xbox! it would have been nice to play like Sniper Elite 1!
  7. yeah i got this, i just grabed it off the main page!
  8. I almost wrote an obituary columb!
  9. have you tried the /y switch i have a silent v4.5!
  10. Just download it and make iso! I use poweriso for this!
  11. Has anyone heard of this!!! Just doin some general browsing and i came across this!!! http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30652 Let us know if the info is useful!
  12. Good to hear you are still alive!
  13. Odd, i have downloaded updates usin xp and seven with no probs!!
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