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    Hello rs90, download link says: "Die Domain "rs90.win-lite.de" ist nicht verfügbar." :sad02:
  2. Hi Ken@fri, i thought you had abandoned me!I'm very glad you give me permission to reuse your nice work; On Forum Eng2Ita.net is now possible to integrate the true mod addon in Windows Vista / Seven thanks to the great OnePiece, a user who has made a utility, the Dx Integrator, also in this forum: Dx Integrator. Then having give me permission to re-use your addon, I'd do it to make it work on all operating systems, and of course Ken@fri you are and remain the sole and the true author! Sure mate, thanks :icon_cool:
  3. Windows Live Essentials 2011 v15.4.3502.922 Download: http://www.multiupload.com/CV097WFFDD Size: 110 Mb md5: 53B5BDA19AE9BA75DBE8D8110B488FF2 Info: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials Description: i'm glad to share with you Windows Live Essentials 2011 Svcpack AddOn ; it is compatible with Windows 7 and Vista x86 e x64. For integrating this addon in Windows 7 images you need OnePiece DXIntegrator Warning: this addon needs some prerequisites: Windows6.0-KB959175-x64 for Vista x64 Windows6.0-KB959175-x86 for Vista x86 Windows6.1-KB2120976-x64 for Seven x64 Windows6.1-KB2120976
  4. Windows Live Essentials 2011 v15.4.3502.922 Test exe svcpack: Ok Download:http://www.multiupload.com/4UF4SFPG65 http://rapidshare.com/files/431034235/MISTER_X_WLEv15.4.3502.922_ITA_AddOn_svcpack.cab Dimensione: 113 Mb md5: EEF3A6915584D8355586D64EA3CFE0FA Informazioni: http://explore.live.com/windows-live-essentials Descrizione: ecco come Svcpack AddOn il Windows Live Essentials 2011,
  5. Hi Ken@fri, it would be nice if you could open this topic on eng2ita .... italian community would be grateful :giveheart: Using automatic translator you can open an italian topic... and then i can help you to translate as well. What do you think about?
  6. I've completely tested this addon and i've found that cue, img, iso aren't associated.... why? Tried other association file related to nero: files with extensions like cdc, ncw, nwf... doesn't work as well: returns the same error as for nrg files: "action is only valid for products currently installed" I've commented the following lines: HKLM,"%SC%\Nero.CoverDesigner.10.cdc.1\shell\Open\command","command",0x10000,"5(}@z=(j{=`+v61a)[e-FileAssociations>O$m=QfBJ_=FfO,_Tg}=+ %%1" HKLM,"%SC%\Nero.CoverDesigner.10.ncw.1\shell\Open\command","command",0x10000,"5(}@z=(j{=`+v61a)[e-FileAssociations&
  7. Italian (ITA) localization (corrected): ;======================== Localizable ================================== APPS_HLP ="Nero\Manuali Utente" NeroMultimediaSuite10LiteEd_Tip ="Nero 10 Lite Edition Software Suite comprende una selezione delle seguenti componenti: Nero 10 Lite Edition e Nero Multimedia Tools" Nero10LiteEd_Tip ="Nero Lite Edition 10 comprende i seguenti componenti: Nero Burning ROM, Nero Express, Nero CoverDesigner, Nero ControlCenter, Nero WaveEditor" ;=============== NeroBurningROM_Tip ="L'ultimo software di masterizzaz
  8. i can't extract the archive above; i've tried 7zip 4.65, returns this error: "compression method not supported" ; i've tried winrar 3.90, returns this error: Corrupted archive? EDIT: i've tried 7zip 9.15 beta and now finally works.... no errors (false alarm)
  9. Scompatta l'addon e con il tasto destro del mouse sul file Nero10LE.inf clicca su installa. Ciao
  10. No problem: Translated: "action is only valid for products currently installed" But if i open Nero and then opening the correct path of the nrg file i can burn it to cd: removing lines as: HKLM,"%SC%\Nero.BurningROM.10.nrg.1\shell\Open\command","command",0x10000,"7ZsCO9.qP?HEbXIMxH4`FileAssociations>Z`%%1S+hyt9zpZXpka]hv ""%%1""" fixes the problem. Another minor bug (on win 7 x86) is blank icon of coverdesign.. see the following screen: Comment line to fix it (in Nero10LE.inf) in [NeroCD.startcut] section: Now your addon seems to work well even on win7
  11. Hi Ken@fri, good work... but: i've tried to install on Se7en but Nero 10 doesn't appear on uninstall programs; i had to remove 2 lines in Nero10LE.inf to fix it: No Parentkeyname and no SystemComponent. Is it right? Another problem: try to open a nrg file but returns an error msgbox; in many lines in Nero10LE.inf i see: HKLM,"%SC%\Nero.BurningROM.10.nbs.1\shell\Open\command","command",0x10000,"7ZsCO9.qP?HEbXIMxH4`FileAssociations>Z`%%1S+hyt9zpZXpka]hv ""%%1""" HKLM,"%SC%\Nero.BurningROM.10.nbv.1\shell\Open\command","command",0x10000,"7ZsCO9.qP?HEbXIMxH4`FileAssociations>Z`%%1S+hyt9zpZ
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