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  5. Updated... But...I am getting discouraged. Few people posting here. I suggest increased advertising on the forum. Regards, staff's men
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  8. I prefer to post addons of all types, even if are paid. I don't appreciate to post systematically and everyday only free softwares downloaded from Major Geeks (and others). Maybe many appreciate only free softwares, but other people no. However, I never put apps with serials, cracks, patches (warez). Never. Then, I don't see need to say the cost of softs trialware. But it was good that you rendered this service when putting the price. Actually I didn't think this Forum would also be to publish that. Thanks and best regards, Mr_Smartepants
  9. gorlim1... Thanks by your attention. After yours observations, I verified WinTools.net with 3 (three) antivirus, uninstalling an and installing other, one of every time: - ESET NOD32 Business Edition 4.0.474.0 - Kaspersky AV 2010 - Avira AntiVir Premium Anything I found. And with ESET, I scan the whole PC and also swims. After that, I used: Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware and anything, in the same way. I requested to a friend of a company, that verified the file with Business McAfee AV. Anything found. I am very careful with the addons that I put in here and I believe to be false positive of Zone Alarm. But I ask that you use any other Antivirus and communicate me the result. And also ask for the any other users of this Forum that makes the same. I thank . Best regards
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