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  1. Dark_Madness... How can I execute your addon with command line? I want to test it... Thx
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  4. Dark...there are new version: TuneUp Utilities 2010 v9.0.2020.2: http://download.tune-up.com/TUU2010/TU2010TrialEN-GB.exe cheers
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  6. "Does anyone have the switches i would need for a silent install? or the addon it's self?" Switches for Silent Install, SFX with WinRAR : Setup=msiexec.exe /i "openofficeorg31.msi" /qn TempMode Silent=1 Overwrite=1
  7. - Install Open Office 3.1.1 usually, but doesn't finish the installation. After the usual questions, eg "installation folder", etc ...when comes a progress bar. Click in Cancel. This initial installation will create a folder on your Desktop. - Go to your Desktop and find the folder "OpenOffice.org 3.1 (en-US) Installation Files". ..Copy all files of folder to a new temporary folder. (e.g. D:\Temp) - In D:\Temp, select all files and with WinRAR, right button of the mouse, click and select "Add to file..." - Give the name, e.g. "OpenOffice", select SFX > Advanced > SFX option > and in 'Run after extraction', type: msiexec.exe /i "openofficeorg31.msi" /qn - In Methods, choice 'Unpack to temporary folder' and 'Hide All' - In Update, choice 'Substitute all files' - OK and Ok --> You have your Silent Install of app. It's work fine and silently...
  8. [sVCPACK] Addon Avira AntiVir - Personal & Trial Version & English ===== Retrieved for me, for more accurate tests. Errors were detected =======
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