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  1. Hi Rick, Thanks for the latest update. I already try this latest addon maker but unfortunately the addon created is Ricks_VMwareLite6.5.2b156735.7z......I thought 6.5.3. Is there any wrong?
  2. Hi Kel. Great tools What are the differents between your Kel's CPL All-in-one addon? are your Kel's Uber Pack also differents from your Vista Uberpack?
  3. I'm Using your addon Notepad2 v3.1.21.5. But after install I check the version is Notepad2 v3.1.21.5 RC4. I thought it a final version
  4. Your link to Window live Msg Plus are old version...DaRkMaDnEsS_MSGPlus_Addon_4.79.0.353.7z New update verison released..v4.81.358
  5. Hi Rick...I think I found the reason why the alky wont install properly... When i use this addon with RVM Integrator noted that new file (SVCPACK.INF,HIVESFT.INF) being created in integration main folder. I compare the inf file from old sidebar addon version and the latest version there is different in [EditFile] section... old: new : does this is the cause that alky not properly install?
  6. I thought Alky included in this addon? Why I need to reinstall?
  7. Hi Rick...I got problem using this sidbar addon...the advance INF installer dialox box always appear asking me to reinstall the side bar. please help
  8. Hi Rick. There is latest version of adaware..ad-aware 2008 tried using yopur niLic.mst for this version but not working...keep asking language before silent install start. can you make new one...please...
  9. Hi Rick. Thanks for the great addon. But i have weird problems. I use your addon integrate with RyanVm Integrator and try it on VMWare. But the addon won't installed. I only can manage installed this software manually on the same virtual PC. Please help me. Thanks
  10. Hi Ricks, thanks for good addon. But I'm having problem with this addon. I integrate this addon into my XP SP3 along with other addon (Windows XP Post SP3 UpdatePack 1.0.9 +WMP11 ,SP3 WBEM Fix AddOn v1.1 and System Patch by Zacam) but my task manager won't turn blue. For your information I'm using RyanVM integrater 1.5.3. Please help me.
  11. wow so fast...but there is latest update...wmp slipstreamer released
  12. Great Orbit30. Can u update it for final version of XP SP3(5512)?
  13. Hi ricks...the latest version of Ad-Aware will ask for language selection on the beginning of intallation, does this tool works with the latest version?
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