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  1. ??? What do you mean by this contribution? Did you testesser1 has added only one picture?
  2. I have problems with the installation of drivers. I merged the current Realtek driver for Win 7 (64bit) with the Driver integrator. Subsequently, an ISO provides. However the driver is obviously not installed. On the non removable disk is however a folder with the name W7T Drivers? Where can the problem lie? beatmaster
  3. Hello at All, I wanted to reiterate my question to you. Is a short How To in German available? Gru
  4. Hallo an alle Windows Toolkit Nutzer, leider ist mein englisch nicht so gut und deswegen hoffe ich, dass es in Ordnung ist, dass ich hier auf deutsch schreibe. Nachdem wir uns bei german-winlite.de so langsam mit dem Windows 7 tools auseinandersetzen bin ich nat
  5. As of version 7.5.0, the order of installation is not directed by the leading numbers of each entry (low to high) but rather the order in which they are listed in the config.js (top to bottom). Is this a bug in version 7.5.0 ? Gru
  6. @ Kelsenellenelvian So und hier Teil 2. KLICK Vielleicht habt ihr ja Lust auf die german-winlite.de Seite hinzuweisen. Gru
  7. Hallo an alle die eine deutsche Anleitung f
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