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  1. Hi, I have noticed under Task Manager there is two instances of sidebar running. I don't know if that could be something to do with this problem. Thanks
  2. Thanks for fixing the link
  3. Hello all, I have noticed that the sidebar seems to be using a lot of memory just to run it is even higher than Outlook and Word which is never easy to beat. I have closed all the gadgets and the sidebar still consumes about 94,808k of memory. When I have the gadgets running it consumes more memory but not a lot considering I run about 10 gadgets. Please see the picture for any details. If you need more details just let me know and I can arrange for you.
  4. Hi, I just went to download and the link appears to be down It sounds like a bit of fun though.
  5. Hi, I fixed it by uninstalling the sidebar and sidebar styler then cleaning every instance of sidebar in the registry and removing the windows sidebar folder in program files. Then running a new install of Ricks sidebar - 2.4 the install had one issue it did not register the .dll I think this may have been a hangover from the first install. anyhow I just registered the .dll's in the windows sidebar folder and now it running great. Now to try the sidebar styler - fingers crossed. Thanks for all you help.
  6. Hi ya, I tried the patch and it has the same error in the same place. Is there anything I can run to try and debug with more logging. Thanks
  7. Howdy, Here is what I get if I run the debugger. [3168] C:\Program Files\Windows Sidebar\sidebar.exe see pic for details. I hope this helps. Thanks
  8. Hi, the outlook gadget seems to be working really well now! i don't think anything has changed, I have not made any changes! Cheers
  9. Hi, I seem to be having a problem with the weather gadgets opening they throw an error (runtime) Please see picture for details. If more details or debug is needed please let me know. Everything else works really well except for the wireless network gadget which I think is a well known bug. Anyhow great work i think its the best. Cheers.
  10. Thanks, I will get over there now and ask. This forum is brilliant.
  11. Hi this may be a really dumb question but how do i install this. I really dont want to go through another rebuild in 4 days.
  12. Hi, I have no XP64-bit installed. However I did fix it by uninstalling and reinstalling which fixed it for a short time. I then started getting another error which I fixed by setting the compatability mode of the sidebar.exe to Windows 2000. So I now have the sidebar functioning its brilliant but still some bugs. If I load the outlook gadget it comes up with an error then if I try and open outlook outlook will not open until I exit the outlook gadget. This only started after I told the sidebar.exe to open in compatibility mode so I guess this is the problem. Please see image for more info. I also run: TopDesk WindowsBlinds5.5 - Vista32px by Jemaho Visual tooltip Office 2003 WinXPsp2 This machine was rebuilt two 4 days ago so its very clean. Thanks for your support
  13. Hello, I have just used your installer it all seems to work well but when I restart I get a starnge error; The procedure entry point Wow64EnableWow64sRedirection...... Please see picture for more details. I will try to uninstall and reinstall I am running WinXPSP2 32bit. Thanks
  14. Hello everyone, I stumbled across this site recently and have been looking around and it is really cool with lots of windows info. Great effort by everyone involved!
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