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  1. In your video you mentioned to set copy profile to true in autounattend but you have not showed where to copy that Autounattend. I believe it has to be in sysrep folder. Can you post the autoattend examplae and do you knnow how to set default custom theme in unattended
  2. Thanks for your reply yeah i still need that panel and it will a great help for me.
  3. Bitdefender, I am using on my xp, but don't know for windows 7
  4. Yeah your bootscreen topic is very good, these are really amazing looks very good in windows xp booting and is working properly for me. Thanks for all bootscreens, please add some more.
  5. Wow, another good colour combination, Yeah it's very good idea of Giving red colour to Deleting items, as red colour is almost warning symbol to the users that they are deleting something. Thanks :thumbsup_anim: for this and please release soon if possible can't wait for it to have in my XP. :wub_anim:
  6. Wow!!! Just can't wait for the final release, See the colours combination and effects it will be a great release, Dude it's a very stunning and good job done by you. Totally Awesome, :dribble: Rocking, Beautifull, Attractive. Please release as soon as possible. Can we have more sample. I loved it. :giveheart: :wub_anim:
  7. Thanks robi450 for the link, but the link you provided is not like the icons i have posted the link you provide are bluish glass and not as i posted full transparent. If you know another link please post it.
  8. Does any one here knows how to create Transparent Glass effect icon like this i have posted which is made by Rhor. Any response will be valuable for me. Can any one guide me properly, Please.
  9. Many thanks :welcome: to felix3650, this time i understood.
  10. Hello can anyone tell me which file is responsible for editing the boot menu in Reshacker.
  11. Thanks But i didn't understand anything this line [ you get all those reg entries because there are some dlls registered during winamp installation. ] I didn't say anything abt reg entries and also this line [ try this. you'll NOTICE the difference ] .Sorry what to try can you expalin little bit as simple as Ricktendo64 explained . By the way thanks for giving tips.
  12. Thanks very much.Will try and tell you later.
  13. First of all many thanks for replying it was so tuff for me to solve and you expalined it once again in avery easy and simple way, it will help me alot. But my other queries are not solved what about configuration in installwatch, which files are safe to delete as you did in imgburn addon tutorial, and the last one query of icon i don't want to know icon indexing help my question was can we add our own custom icon downloaded from another webiste, which i will be including in cab files eg:- i downloaded an icon file for winamp or *.txt but i dont want the deafult icon of winamp from it's exe program or text files from shell32.dll or any other dll. Your reply will help me a lot. By the way Many Many Thanks for replying. You and your tutorials are Awesome for a newbie like me.
  14. So i think their is no one ready to help me.Little bit disappointed as i think there are so many knowledagable persons But will try myself till i get succeded(hope so). Thanks Ricktendo64 for the video tutorials. also Thanks to N1K for such a wonderfull forum.It's the best forum. :wub_anim: :thumbsup_anim:
  15. Hi Ricktendo recently i came to know this forum through my colleague and was impressed as wincert is full of talented Peoples like You, Kel, Bober, Dougiefresh, Reaper, Onepiece and many more.You guys are great. I thorougly enjoyed your tutorial of making Inf program addon.It was so easy to learn, But You have created a addon of such a small program, In Imgburn addon there are not many files in ProgramFiles folder. As i want to create an addon of Winamp there are so many files conataining some bmp's, ico. Also, Now i am confused bcoz as per your tutorial you didn't mention anywhere how and what to configure in Installwatch.Ihave configured only top three options for register monitor i.e HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, HKEY_CURRENT_USER, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and left other two options as my friend told me to do that. Is it safe to uncheck the remaining option? Another thing is that after snapshot i am getting Winamp.reg of 719 kb is it normal and my pc is totally clean.after converting it to inf through reg2inf it is 1.2 mb.Ihave checked all the entries in Winamp.reg are releated to Winamp only. The main problem is now in my winamp program folder there are two sub-directories of plugins one of plugin folder is created by winamp [D:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins] and one plugin folder is created by one Winamp's skin under classicpro folder [D:\Program Files\Winamp\Plugins\ClassicPro\_installer\Plugins]. Now if iam creating entries in Inf as eg :- [DestinationDirs] Plugins.Files=16422,Winamp\Plugins [Plugins.Files] enc_wav.dll enc_wma.dll gen_ff.dll gen_hotkeys.dll gen_jumpex.dll gen_ml.dll gen_tray.dll and etc........ this is one plugin folder entries but what about another plugin folder which is a sub-directory of classicpro if i again create an entry of [Plugins.Files] will not they will collide with the one alredy i created can we rename or do something i know we can't create two folder entries of same name [DestinationDirs] Plugins.Files=16422,Winamp\Plugins Plugins.Files=16422,Winamp\Plugins\ClassicPro\_installer\Plugins. Will not they will get copy all in one plugins folder. And in tutorial you explained how to give the icon path from shell32.dll or any files but can we give the path of my custom icon which i want to include in my cab file, and how to decide what entries safely we can delete as you deleted in your tutorial after taking snapshot. Please, help me Iam a newbie & iam totally confused and i think this is the only forum from where i can get help :questionmark: Thanks Very Much.... :help: :worthy: Hoping for the reply. :crying_anim02:
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