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  1. i want to upgrade to ultimate i have a legal copy of home pre already on my desktop will i lose my act. rights i put it back on if i don't like ultimate or can i just reinstall home pre back on my desktop or do have to get new product key for home pre thanks
  2. lewis


    i am not looking to upgrade right now but 939 mobo are hard to find i found one at tigerdirect.com a msi mobo for 49.99 not a pci e i can live with it for now have other agp video cards i have use msi mobo before have 2 of them now one 462s and one 754s i also found one mobo at newegg.com for 43.99 pci e by foxconn i have only had one mobo from them it's been a while back i am not sure which of the two is the best one to get i here msi has good boards and use 2 of them now had them for while foxconn not sure if they make a good board or not i was hoping to upgrade next year so just need mobo to get me to next year what do you think thanks
  3. lewis


    the mobo is asua a8n5x had it about 1 1/2 yr the amd cpu is 3000+ 1.8 mhz every thing esle works the 768 mb of mem 160 gb hard drive and the 128 mb pci express video card all works finds just the mobo went out newegg has a foxconn mobo for 43.99 and tigedirect has a msi mobo for 49.99 that is as high as i want to go at this point so what you think kept it or dump it thanks
  4. lewis


    my mobo went out on me so i was wondering should i try to get a new mobo or should i trash the 939 cpu and start over i no its late in the game for 939 s but i can find a mobo for about 50.00 and get it running again every thing else is working just the mobo went out so can anyone tell me what they would do thanks for your help
  5. i have a couple of pc with xp pro would like to install vista on one of them to see if i like vista but i want to do a clean install so if i take off xp for 4 to 6 mo will i be able to reactivate my copy of xp pro or will i be stuck with vista thanks
  6. lewis


    i have load all the software but i keep getting a error sorry this application attempted to delay load a library or function that does not exist instability may occur i am new memder could someone tell me what this error means thanks
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