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  1. Thanks NIM and bphlpt. I was hoping there would be a setting for the items in question, but it seems MS has just done away with more than that; very stupid of the so called MS "developers". Although, my Acronis images of Windows 10 are equal in size to those of Windows 7, about 31 gigs. Is there no setting for the rest of the items in Windows 10? Maybe Windows 7 should now be called Windows 11.
  2. Hi NIM: Thanks very much for your prompt reply. I should have mentioned that I did see all items can be made bigger by raising the resolution, but I would like to keep the resolution at 100% (default) and I would rather raise the font size that affects the items in the attachments above. I already raised all the font sizes in the fields available in the attachment below, but they don't affect many items. Previous versions of Windows made changing the font size of anything very easy. I'd like to know how the developers at Microsoft see Win 10 as an improvement in this regard.
  3. Hi: After installing Windows 10 I found settings to adjust sizes and fonts for everything except for the items I attached images for; I'd like fonts to be bigger on all programs that appear on the desktop, and I'd like the size of the icons to be bigger in the notification area. How is it done? Thanks - Jeremy
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