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  1. Hi Liam, Sven alias unantastbar means that the both folders (support folder and upgrade folder) are not deleted even when they are marked and he clicked on "remove components" !
  2. I have stored my Win-7DVD-files on C: Win7prof. and my ISO is also stored on C: I install from an USB-Stick. I even have remarked, that the problem does not further exist, when I delete my "last session" files, which was made with the earlier version, in which you had forgotten the two files ro remove. Now I can see the list with the both files, which I can now remove. So it seems, all is o.k. thanks for your genial tool. Regards
  3. Hi Liam, delete Support folder and Delete Upgrade folder is not listed in Component Remover again . Unfortunately you forget again the mistake, which "Unantastbar" has detected. After deleting these folders the .iso becomes smaller. Regards
  4. Hi Liam, when do you fix the problem: "Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2011, 20:15 Hi Liam, delete Support folder and Delete Upgrade folder is not listed in Component Remover. "Windows 7 Toolkit" von Legolash2o mit Anleitung" "Montag, 24. Oktober 2011, 20:48 Simply forgot." Regards
  5. The downloadlink to mediafire does not run !?!
  6. @GieltjE Forget Win7lite from the Rockers Team. Bensam56 has not been in the forum since many month. there has not been any update or bugfix since Dec 2010. The new version 3.0 will never appear! Only promises which will never come true. Win 7 Toolkit is much better. The only thing which is not integrated is the SP1-Integration, but I have a Tech-Image.
  7. Hi Lego, I had an error with v29. No SFX-Addons are integrated. No themes are integrated. I send you my log-file. Errors.txt
  8. Hi Lego, when comes v22, I'll test it soon. I've just fixed an issue where it would install things in a strange order i.e. 0, 1, 10, 11, 12 ,13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 2, 20, 21, 22, 23,, etc.... now in v22 it goes 00001,00002,00003,00004 and installed everything in the right order. As long as you don't add more than 99,999 silent installs lmao.
  9. o.k. the browse button I hadn't seen yet. But I mean the sequence of installstion with the SFX-Addons-Installation I want to preset and not like now in the abc-sequence. Here in the german forum we have a tool named "Addonkopierer" which allows us to integrate the SFX- Addons in a defined sequence, that during the installation of the SFX-Addons there will be no crashes. This tool puts the addons in one separate folder : "Addons". If there comes a new version of one addon, I change only this addon and I must not do the whole procedure for a second time. It make a script-file in the "source, $OEM§, $$, Setup, Scripts"-File, whick I can modifie iwth "Notepad++". The file of "Addonkopierer" is too big, so I can't send it here to you, but you can download it in the german forum:"http://www.win-lite.de/wbb/board195-windows-7/board196-win7-tools-zur-image-bearbeitung/3585-addonkopierer-v0-4-0-0-0-4-0-7-beta/"
  10. In the AIO-section it does not save the configurations. If you change to another window like from "tweaks" to "updates" all the settings are lost! It is very frustrating for me. Even the SFX-settings are lost and it takes a lot of time to put every single in the window. It is not possible to put the hole folder at once in it. It woult be very good if one has the possibility to change the order for the installation that means not in the abc .. order. You know what I mean ?
  11. Hi Lego, could you try to make it possible, that Addons in the SFX-version are abe to be integrated with your great tool ? Here in the german forum of win-lite.de are many of those addons which are always updated: http://win-lite.de/wbb/board195-windows-7/board197-win7-addons/15899-sfx-archive-stand-09-08-11/ . Until now I integrate them with another tool which is also published in the german forum. And it would be easier for all that only one tool is necessary to do all these tasks. Regards Pedilover
  12. O.K., o.k. we are waiting ! We are happy that you are back ! Regards
  13. Hi Lego, I hope you had good holidays ?? Nice to hear from you. When there is a new version or bugfix to test, please announce it also in the german Forum win-lite. Thanks & Regards
  14. Hi Lego, where are you ? When do you come back from holiday ? I'm also waiting for 1.03 and I would like to test it before. Go on with your good job, Lego. Regards
  15. Hi Lego, nice to hear from you. I hope you had happy holidays ?! How far is your development of 1.03 ? No problem to test a beta-version from it! Regards
  16. Hi Lego, I found a bug with did not happen, in the earlier versions! Always when I select at the AiO the "services" I cann't select what I want to do with the selected serice. It is grey. Can you please have a look at that. Thank you Regards
  17. Hi Lego, I tested your proggie this weekend and I must say: it's running well. Alle my drivers and updates are integrated and some components are erased, some services are disabled, but one thing doesn't work: no theme and no background were integrated. there was no announcement, that something doesn't work. You can also answer me in the german winlite-forum. Regards
  18. @McStarfighter It seems, you are right, the project is dead ?!!
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