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  1. Updated Microsoft_VC+AIO_Runtimes_2.6_AddOn.cab Visual c++ 2010 SP1 v10.0.40219.406
  2. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.21.0.1180.60
  3. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.20.0.1132.57
  4. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.20.0.1132.43
  5. Updated .NET_addons, while waiting for YumeYao's: Microsoft.Net_1.1SP1+3.5SP1_EN_Addon_20120614.cab MD5: 9DD5AFA7B5FA66C937BC4D80378D2C90 Size: 38,18 MB Url.: Microsoft.Net_Framework.AIO_EN_Addon_20120614.cab MD5: 2E07525E3F8FEE0227B9FC9B91F0718B Size: 57,24 MB Url.: Without .Net1.1SP1 change " -ai" switch to " -ai1". Integrate VC++_Runtimes prior to .NET Frameworks http://www.wincert.n...ntimes-2012-03/ EDIT: Urls removed http://www.ryanvm.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9901
  6. Thanks Geej, info for FireFox users added to first post.
  7. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.19.0.1084.56
  8. Updated to QFX_KeyScrambler_2.9.2_Addon.cab
  9. compstuff, The .NET Framework 4 Client Profile does not include the following features: * ASP.NET v4 * Advanced Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) functionality * .NET Framework Data Provider for Oracle * MSBuild for compiling These features are added with the extended module. (full dotNET4) There is NO performance degradation involved.
  10. @myselfidem I made an updated ReaderX_addon posted in French forum: http://www.forum-unattend.fr/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=294 VC_Runtimes are removed and .msi installer repacked. Can be installed silent with " -gm2 -qn" parameters. Will install on all Windows NT versions. Adobe_Reader_X.1.3_FRA_AddOn.cab MD5: 52496743A9646889F0AF3D2869DE4D5C Taille: 38,81 MB Lien: http://www.mediafire.com/?a421gzocw624o6p
  11. Find it here: http://www.wincert.net/forum/topic/9790-aio-microsoft-visual-bcf-j-redistributable-x86x64/
  12. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.19.0.1084.46
  13. Updated to DoPdf_7.2.381 EDIT: upd. DoPdf_7.2.382
  14. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.18.0.1025.168
  15. With these you get all versions installed: Microsoft_Legacy_VB+VC_Rtn_2.1_AddOn.7z Microsoft_VC+AIO_Runtimes_2.5_AddOn.cab
  16. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.18.0.1025.151 EDIT 11 April: Updated Google Chrome SE to v.18.0.1025.152
  17. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.18.0.1025.142 Major version update
  18. Updated VC++ Runtimes AddOns v2.5: Visual c++ 2008 SP1 VC9.0.30729.6276
  19. Updated Google Chrome SE to v.17.0.963.83
  20. Updated to latest MSDN VC++ Runtimes versions: Visual c++ 2005 SP1 VC8.0.50727.6229 Visual c++ 2008 SP1 VC9.0.30729.6225 Visual c++ 2010 SP1 VC10.0.40219.380
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